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Yamaha Tyros-5 61 Pro Performer Bundle

Professional Arranger Bundle

Yamaha Tyros-5 61 Pro Performer Bundle

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Product Description for the Yamaha Tyros-5 61 Pro Performer Bundle

Description for Yamaha Tyros-5 61 Pro Performer Bundle

Package includes:

 1 x Yamaha Tyros-5 61

 1 x Yamaha Tyros Case

 1 x EAW RL12 Floor Monitor

 1 x Mogami 10' Right Angle Inst Cable

 1 x Double Braced Keyboard Stand

Yamaha Tyros-5 61

Superb sound and powerful functionality provide performance you can believe in.

In Tyros5 Yamaha has created the ultimate performance keyboard, with outstanding sounds, enhanced DSP effects, and accompaniment Styles so real it's like being backed by the world’s finest musicians. The Tyros5 brings a level of authenticity like no instrument before it.

Whether sketching composition ideas, carefully crafting the perfect arrangement or delivering a memorable performance, the Tyros5 is your perfect companion.

More than 300 new Voices have been added to the Tyros5, including new brass, guitars, synth, electric pianos, and upright pianos. S.Art2 Voices are high-quality sounds that re-create the feeling of an actual instrument when performing.

More than 300 New Voices including "S.Art2 Voice"

More than 300 new Voices have been added to the Tyros5, including new brass, guitars, synth, electric pianos, and upright pianos. S.Art2 Voices are high-quality sounds that re-create the feeling of an actual instrument when performing.

Authentic Ensemble Performances

Ensemble Voice is an amazing new feature that reproduces true "divisi" playing in a section. In the past, a Voice like Brass Quartet would use a sample of four players, which sounded great. However, if you played two notes you'd get eight players, which could sound great but isn't the most realistic. Tyros5 Ensemble Voices always get the same number of players because Tyros5 has the musical knowledge of a professional music arranger. Play two notes with a Brass Quartet Ensemble Voice, and Tyros5 will send the trumpets to the top notes and the trombones to the lower notes; it's an incredibly realistic sound. Ensemble Voices also utilize parameters which enliven the performance to reproduce the subtle variations in timing heard in a real ensemble. This provides an authentic sound that sounds as if a group of actual performers were playing and allows you to enjoy playing like an instrumental quartet with ease.

Welcome to Organ World

The Tyros5 features Vintage, Home, Euro, Concert, and Theatre organ Voices, all superbly reproduced with stunning samples that allow the Tyros5 to shine in any situation that an organist might encounter. With features such as a comprehensive set of realistic organ-style controls, adjustable effects, and intuitive operation that allows you to alter the sound in real time while you play, Organ World is sure to meet the demands of the most demanding performer.

Add Rhythm to your performances with Audio Styles

Adding forty new percussion-based Styles to the Tyros5’s impressive backing and accompaniment capabilities, Audio Styles add natural feel, ambience, and warmth to drum and percussion parts, offering greater expressive potential. Audio Styles also benefit from Yamaha's Time Stretch Technology, which allows the audio to follow your tempo changes without changing pitch, so everything stays in perfect sync.

Enhanced DSPs for authentic effects that give you “that” sound

Not only does the Tyros5 have new and high-quality effect types, including Real Distortion and Real Reverb, it provides beautifully designed panel displays, with highly intuitive controls - just like actual effect devices. These also include VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling) effects that use the same technology as the professional-level processing on Yamaha's high-end mixers.

Real Reverb

Real Reverb is an improved version of the Reverb technology found in previous versions of the Tyros. New algorithms take a greater number of factors into account, producing smoother, more natural reverbs.

Real Distortion

Real Distortion effects are based on digital models of classic guitar amplifiers from the 1960's and 1970's. There are also digital models of legendary analog guitar effect pedals. The result meticulously reproduces the frequencies and dynamics of real distortion guitar sounds. With the new, intuitive graphical interface, you'll feel like you're controlling the original amplifier!

VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling)

While digital solutions are increasingly prevalent in music production studios and performance venues, but older analog gear is still used to get the warm sound that digital effects typically cannot provide. VCM Technology provides accurate reproductions of the classic sound of such effects units.

A versatile high performance audio engine that gives you total control over your sound.

The Tyros5 is capable of playing back and recording audio files (including performances using Audio Styles), and also possesses a range of audio manipulation features you can use to create “karaoke” style “minus one” tracks in the key and tempo of your choice.

Audio Link Multi Pad

Audio Link Multi Pad function lets you link your own audio files (sound effects, vocal phrases, and so on), and trigger them from the Pads as you perform.

Vocal cancel

A powerful Vocal Cancel function effectively cancels or suppresses signals like vocals and solos that play a central role in an audio file, allowing you to make your own “minus one” track and sing “karaoke” style with just instrumental backing.

Time stretch and pitch shift

Not all people have the same vocal range. The Tyros5 can put your favorite song in the key of your choice with a powerful pitch shift feature that lets you change the key without changing the tempo. If you do want to change the tempo, you can use the time stretch feature to slow down or speed up the tempo without changing the pitch.

Right Hand Style Control

With Tyros5 you can create up to three split points across the keyboard. Offering the flexibility to, for example, assign a different Voice to each zone. Tyros5’s accompaniment styles can now be controlled by chords played in the right hand split zones, allowing you to play bass parts manually with your left hand.

Cross fader

Cross fader lets you adjust the volume balance between MIDI Song playback and Audio file playback. Moving the fader to the left increases the volume of MIDI Song playback, while moving it to the right increases the volume of Audio playback.

Panel Lock

Lock the panel to prevent any settings from being changed when you are away from the instrument—the perfect function for the live performer.

4 Sub out

Tyros5 features four Sub Out line-out connections that you can use to adapt your sound to any performance situation, whether it be sending a specific part to a powered monitor, or sending a different sound to the house PA.

New Design

The Tyros5 features a metallic silver body (titanium finish) that looks as if it were chiseled out of metal, giving it an exclusive, high-tech feel. We've also given attention to the button operations and knob positions, so that people who are already familiar with Tyros can operate the new model freely and without worries.

Yamaha Tyros Case

Tyros5 is a gigging machine. You need a case to accommodate your prized keyboard that is built for moving, providing a safe and reliable way to get it from A to B.

The YCTYROS61 fits the 61-key Tyros5 like a glove, protects it during transport and is ATA approved.

EAW RL12 Floor Monitor

From corporate events to festivals, every aspect of the design has been targeted at making life easier for the live sound professional. From transducers and electronics to enclosure design and fitments, Redline is built to live in the working world of demanding clients, tight schedules and even tighter budgets.

The RL12 and RL15 include a complete on-board 1,250-watt bi-amplified electronics package mated to highly-customized precision transducers engineered to meet the specific demands of the Redline family. Redline features renowned EAW Focusing processing to pristinely deliver the impulse response of a studio monitor, while DynO algorithms optimize the power transfer from amplifiers to transducers to audience to optimize headroom and integrity of sound at maximum output.

Both models offer perfectly consistent directivity via Beamwidth-Matched Crossovers on 90°x60° user-rotatable horns and painstakingly-engineered 4-aperture elliptical ports provide huge bass support with no turbulence while maximizing transducer-cooling air flow. Three simple pre-defined voicing help the user to set up in minutes while sounding like they’ve tuned for hours, and a rear-panel LED mute keeps Redline invisible in aesthetically-sensitive situations.

RL12 and RL15 enclosures incorporate symmetrical monitor angles to form left-right wedge pairs, integral road glove-ready wood handles and sleek but strong sculpted grilles on RoadCoat enclosures that can take a beating without showing it. In short, Redline is meant to be used – over and over.

Mogami 10' Right Angle Inst Cable

A high-definition instrument cable, Gold Instrument R is for guitar players who prefer a 90-degree connection on one end. This high clarity cable uses quality ¼" connectors and carbon impregnated PVC to provide an additional shield layer to eliminate any handling noise.



Yamaha Tyros-5 61


  • Width : 1140mm
  • Height : 142mm
  • Depth : 450mm
  • Weight : Weight : 14 kg

Control Interface


  • Number of Keys : 61
  • Type : Organ (FSX), Initial Touch/Aftertouch
  • Touch Response : Hard1, Hard2, Medium, Soft1, Soft2


  • Pitch Bend : Yes
  • Modulation : Yes
  • Sliders : 9 (including 1 assignable), Cross Fader
  • Art. Switches : 2


  • Type : TFT VGA 7.5 inch LCD
  • Size : 640 x 480 dots
  • Color : Color
  • Language : English, German, French, Spanish, Italian


  • Language : English


  • Tone Generation
  • Tone Generating Technology : AWM Stereo Sampling


  • Number of Polyphony (Max.) : 128



  • Number of Voices : 1279 Voices + 480 XG Voices + 37 Drum/SFX Kits
  • Featured Voices : Ensemble 55 S.Art2! 44 / S.Art! 288 MegaVoice 54 / Live! 138 Cool! 81 / Sweet! 37 / Organ World 40


  • Optional Wave Capacity : MAX 1,024MB (Optional)
  • Sampling : Custom Voice
  • Voice Edit : Yes
  • Sound Creator/Voice Set : Yes


  • XG : Yes
  • GS : Yes
  • GM : Yes
  • GM2 : Yes


  • Expansion Voice : Yes *Wave Capacity: depends on the optional Flash Memory Expansion Module (FL1024M, FL512M)
  • Part : Right 1, Right 2, Right 3, Left



  • Reverb : 52 Presets + 3 User
  • Chorus : 106 Presets + 3 User
  • DSP : DSP1: 322 Presets + 3 User, DSP2-9: 322 Presets + 10 User
  • Master Compressor : 5 Presets + 5 User settings
  • Master EQ : 5 Presets + 2 User settings
  • Others : Mic effects: Noise Gate x 1, Compressor x 1, 3Band EQ x 1

Vocal Harmony

  • Number of Presets : Vocal Harmony: 44, Synth Vocoder: 10
  • Number of User Settings : 60 * The number is the total of Vocal Harmony and Synth Vocoder.
  • Vocal Effect : 23

Accompaniment Styles



  • Number of Preset Styles : 539
  • Featured Styles : 40 + Audio, 7 FreePlay, 441 Pro, 51 Session
  • Fingering : Single Finger, Fingered, Fingered On Bass, Multi Finger, AI Fingered, Full Keyboard, AI Full Keyboard
  • Style Control : INTRO x 3, MAIN VARIATION x 4, FILL x 4, BREAK, ENDING x 3

Other Features

  • Music Finder : 2,500 Records
  • One Touch Setting (OTS) : 4 for each Style


  • Expansion Style : Yes
  • Expansion Audio Style : Yes Audio Capacity: approx. 124MB
  • Compatibility : Style File Format, Style File Format GE



  • Number of Preset Songs : 5 Sample Songs


  • Number of Songs : Unlimited (depends on the drive capacity)
  • Number of Tracks : 16
  • Data Capacity : approx. 300 KB/Song
  • Recording Function : Quick Recording, Multi Recording, Step Recording

Compatible Data Format

  • Playback : SMF (Format 0 & 1), XF
  • Recording : SMF (Format 0)



  • Number of Buttons : 8
  • Control : Registration Sequence, Freeze


  • Lesson/Guide : Follow Lights, Any Key, Karao-Key, Your Tempo
  • Performance Assistant Technology (PAT) : Yes


  • Demonstration : Yes

Overall Controls

  • Metronome : Yes
  • Tempo Range : 5 – 500, Tap Tempo
  • Transpose : -12 – 0 – +12
  • Tuning : 414.8 – 440 – 466.8 Hz
  • Octave Button : Yes
  • Scale Type : 9 Presets


  • Direct Access : Yes
  • Text Display Function : Yes
  • Wallpaper Customization : Yes


  • Harmony/Echo : Yes
  • Panel Sustain : Yes
  • Mono/Poly : Yes
  • Voice Information : Yes


  • Style Creator : Yes
  • Style Recommender : Yes
  • OTS Information : Yes


  • Song Creator : Yes
  • Score Display Function : Yes
  • Lyrics Display Function : Yes
  • Multi Pads
  • Multi Pad Creator : Yes

Audio Recorder/Player

  • Recording Time (max.) : 80 minutes/Song
  • Recording : .wav (WAV format: 44.1 kHz sample rate, 16 bit resolution, stereo)
  • Playback : .wav (WAV format: 44.1 kHz sample rate, 16 bit resolution, stereo), .mp3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3: 44.1/48.0 kHz sample rate, 64–320 kbps and variable bit rate, mono/stereo)
  • Time Stretch : Yes
  • Pitch Shift : Yes
  • Vocal Cancel : Yes
  • Multi - Recording : .aud (Tyros5 original: 44.1 kHz sample rate, 16 bit resolution, stereo)
  • Multi - Playback : .aud (Tyros5 original: 44.1 kHz sample rate, 16 bit resolution, stereo)

Storage Ad Connectivity


  • Internal Memory : approx. 6.7MB
  • Hard Disk Drive : 500GB
  • External Drives : USB Flash Memory (via USB to DEVICE)


  • Headphones : Yes
  • FOOT PEDAL : 1 (SUSTAIN), 2 (ARTICULATION 1), 3 (VOLUME), Function Assignable
  • Microphone : Yes (Combo Jack)
  • AUX IN : L/L+R, R
  • LINE OUT : MAIN (L/L+R, R), SUB OUT (1,2), SUB OUT (3,4 / AUX OUT)
  • RGB OUT : Yes
  • USB TO DEVICE : USB 2.0 x 2 (Front/Back)
  • USB TO HOST : USB 2.0 x 1


  • Included Accessories : Owner’s Manual, Online Member Product Registration, AC Power Cord, Music Rest, two Music Rest Brackets, USB Wireless LAN Adaptor * May not be included depending on your particular area. Please check with your Yamaha dealer.

Multi Pads

  • Preset : Number of Multi Pad Banks : 190 banks x 4 Pads
  • Audio : Audio Link : Yes

Yamaha Tyros Case

  • Thick, foam padded interior
  • Rugged, molded outer shell
  • Tough inset wheels for comfortable travel
  • Three retractable handles for convenient transport
  • Lockable chrome latches
  • Inner access handles for effortless workstation retrieval

EAW RL12 Floor Monitor

  • Superb sound quality at any output level due to custom-designed transducers and porting, signature EAW Focusing and DynO dynamic optimization processing and  1,250 watts of bi-amplified Class-D Power Factor Corrected amplification
  • Road-ready EAW Roadcoat wooden enclosure with integral glove-ready handles, pole cup and M8 suspension points
  • Symmetrical monitor angles with swappable rear panels to form mirror-image monitor pairs
  • Recessed input panel with three pre-tuned gig-ready voicings, rear-panel LED mute function, robust PowerCon inlet and loop connectors and LED mute function for visually-sensitive environments


  • SubsystemTransducers: LF 1× 12-in cone, HF 1×1-in exit, 1.75 in voice coil compression driver
  • Loading : LF :  Vented,
  • HF: Horn-loaded
  • Operating Mode: Bi-amp LF, HF
  • Signal Processing : DSP w/EAW Focusing and DynO

Accoustical Performance

  • Operating Range : 55 Hz to 19 kHz
  • Nominal Beamwidth (rotatable) : Horizontal 90,Vertical 60
  • Axial Output Limit Peak : LF/HF 135 dB
  • Axial Output Limit Long Term : LF/HF 129 dB

Electrical Performance

  • Input : Electronically balanced XLRF
  • Loop : Electronicallly balanced XLRM
  • Amplifier LF : Class D, 1000 W @ 8 ohm, Integral DSP limiting
  • HF : Class D, 250 W @ 8 ohm, Integral DSP limiting
  • AC Mains (nominal) : Neutrik PowerCon, 50 Hz to 60 Hz, 100V to 240V
  • Indicators (LED) : Amplifier Status, Signal Present, Limiter Active, ClipVoicing Mode 3x

Mogami 10' Right Angle Inst Cable

  • OFC (oxygen-free copper) core for the highest level of transparency
  • Carbon impregnated PVC eliminates handling noise
  • Ultra High Density spiral shield
  • Conductive polymer sub-shield
Brand Yamaha
Weight 35.0000
Dimensions (WxHxD) No

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