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Vestax VCI-300 MKII DJ Controller


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Vestax VCI-300 MKII DJ Controller

Complete DJ System with professional sound card and Serato Itch Software

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Product Description for the Vestax VCI-300 MKII DJ Controller


In 2008, the VCI-300+ITCH was the beginning for Vestax and Serato to create a new DJ console of the next generation.
The goal was clear. To design a light weight and compact digital DJ instrument with the touch of analog control.
Preserving the concept of the VCI-300+ITCH, the VCI-300MKII comes with usability improvements based on feedback from VCI-300 customers.
Vestax has considered every comment that has been received, and have put them all in act. Simply to give DJs what they want.

    The VCI-300MKII can control more than 90 parameters and functions of the included Serato software with high resolution MIDI signals sent via USB. The pulse resolution of the JOG wheel and pitch control fader is 4 times higher than the VCI-100 and provides precise control of each function. The pitch control fader also shares the same high quality fader parts of the input fader for advanced operability.
    The built-in audio interface carries a Audio Codec IC with superb audio characteristic, generated by a delta-sigma modulation 24 bit stereo D/A-A/D converter. Audio connection includes 1 stereo input, 1 MIC input and 2 stereo output (Master L/R, Monitor L/R).
    A 12 level LED L/R indicator is set in the center of the top panel to monitor sound levels.
    Audio files in the software library can be easily selected and controlled with the CRATES / FILES / BROWSE key and the cursor switch inherited from the VCM-100.
    The Emergency Thru Switch located on the rear panel is a countermeasure where you can use the VCI-300MKII with the provided ITCH software or without the computer connected if you simply want to play music from your external CD or MP3 player. The ITCH software reads music from your iTunes library or the Serato library you use for Scratch LIVE, making it the perfect device for recreational or professional DJ's.
    The torque of each JOG wheel can be adjusted to prevent them from moving from low frequency feedback and altering the pitch when using the VCI-300 in such places like clubs.
    The fader curve of each fader can be adjusted to the preferred characteristics for long mixes, scratching and any other style.


 Volume Boost (Gain Boost)

Higher output gain level and headphone volume level when supplying
power with the optional power adaptor. (not included)
Optional Vestax Digital Fader (not included)
The VCI-300MKII Cross fader can be upgraded to Vestax's new magnetic sensor system digital fader CF-X2.
Direct Audio Thru NEW!
  Audio fed to the MIC/AUX input can now be directly sent to the Master outputs with the THRU switch turned ON, minimizing latency of when fed through ITCH.
New adjust knobs for the JOG sensor control Ver.UP!
New JOG sensor adjust knobs for speedy and accurate adjustments.the VCI-300MKII's JOG wheels have excellent tracking ability,and flexibility for various play styles.You can control songs with analog precision.
Mini Head-Phone Jack New!!

1/8 inch headphone connection along with standard 1/4 inch connection.


  • Power/Voltage:5V 150mA
  • Power:USB bus power
  • USB Port (Bus powered)
  • MIC INPUT x 1
  • HEADPHONES OUT x 2 (3.5mm & 6.3mm)
  • Dimentisions : 410(W)x43(H)x275(D)  Knobs not included
  • Weight : 3.2kg
  • ADAPTOR (not Included) : SDC-7(DC7.5V 1000mA)
  • Replacement fader (not Included) IF-300 / CF-300
Brand Vestax
Weight 66.5800
Dimensions (WxHxD) 410(W)x43(H)x275(D)
Vestax VCI-300 MKII DJ ControllerVestax VCI-300 MKII DJ Controller

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VCI-100 MKII vs. VCI-300 MKII (and Typhoon)

by ghostdad on Jan 4, 2011

With the Vestax VCI-100 MKII now sporting an on board sound card many users wonder how it differs from Vestax's flagship VCI-300.  In the video above I go over all of Vextax's current controllers and compare the VCI-100 MKII and VCI-300 MKII.  The main difference is that the VCI-300 is designed to work with Serato ITCH and the new VCI-100 MKII is designed to work with Traktor LE or Pro. The added filter knobs and switchable deck controls are prime examples of how the VCI-100 MKII lets you get the full range of control from Traktor Pro.  After opening...

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Customer Reviews

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Crossfader problems
I have also just purchased the Vestax VCI-300 and too have experienced problem with my unit. the crossfader in really weak and bleeds the songs into one another, So i noticed that if you put a small piece of cotton ball at the end edges that it will prevent this problem. I noticed that the fader touches the slides edges which causes the crossfader to work abnormal, if you can keep it from touching the sides the problem won't occur. (Posted on 1/30/13)
If it works its fine
Review by Tintreach
First one I bought had a defective jog wheel PAS sent me a new one. Second one worked OK for about 3 months with very little use. It started developing some non mechanical issues and went to a service center for repair. 3 months later its still has not been repaired!!

Your best best is stay away from Vestax and invest in a better quality controller with a company that has better product service. (Posted on 8/23/11)
Review by Nick
I am very unhappy with the Vestax 300 MkII! The crossfader when turned all the way to the left deck continues to have output from the right side deck vis-versa. This machine isnt even half a year old and not much use there no reason the fader should be giving me such an issue. I cant not preform backspins aka flashing, swingflares, crabscratches, or orbits... (Posted on 8/12/11)
hot idea just a bug that they need to fix
Review by mr flamboyant
the jog wheel is 9 of 10 defect and the worse is the customer service with vestax. (Posted on 4/19/11)
Best Service I have ever seen over the internet!!!
Review by SargentDJ
I spoke to Nolan via the live chat feature on the site and with in mins he had answered at least 15 different questions ranging from price to functionality of the Vestax VCI-300 MKII. I was so impressed with the price that I stopped my search looking for a better one that no one, but they could beat and bought the unit within mins after finishing our conversation. The most impressive part about it was that I ordered this unit on 3/22 and on 3/23 it was at my home with free shipping!! (Posted on 3/24/11)
Highly Satisfied
Review by Tomer
The VCI -300 mkII is an exeptionally great product.
I (like some others as i read on the web) Am still really suprised by \'how well the controllers feel and reacts with the software\' - also in comparison to the \'conventional\' turntable/mixer setup I have.

This unit just work perfectly out of the box.

I got it from, paired with AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphones.
The Package arrived by Fedex within 5 days!

Would like to specially thank Nolan for everything,
We\'ll meet again on my next buys!

(Posted on 3/11/11)
Poorly constructed product
Review by fuzzylogic
I purchased a VCI300 from ProAudioStar and one of the jogwheels dragged horribly to the point that it didn\'t move (I only had the product for less than a week). I had read online that this was a common problem that one of the jogwheels would not be properly greased and the only thing you could do, to avoid voiding your warranty, was to exchange it. Apparently there were random batches of poorly made VCI300mkii\'s floating around, says Vestax/Serato Itch forums.

ProAudioStar was awesome with the exchange, extremely helpful and very understanding. They sent me a new one and the turnover between me returning it (via mail) and getting a new one was only 3 days total. AWESOME!

Except the new one I received was even WORSE. The left jogwheel didn\'t move AT ALL and the right jogwheel didn\'t stop spinning. This was just from opening the box. Sheesh.

ProAudioStar, again, was amazing with their customer service, refunding me completely and quickly. Return label and everything.

Perhaps I just got one of the \'bad batches.\' But this product, the ones I got, were extremely poorly made. Avoid this product and the hassles! But, I will continue working with ProAudioStar in the future. I was very pleased with the service in spite of the problems with both VCI300MKII units. (Posted on 3/6/11)
Proaudiostar is the best!!!! I purchased my MK 2 and i got it superfast......Thanks Nolan for that Great Deal!!!!
Review by Dj Stainless
Proaudiostar is the best!!!! I purchased my MK 2 and i got it superfast......Thanks Nolan for that Great Deal!!!! (Posted on 2/5/11)
Review by tariqthasheik
I just started DJing with this about a month ago and I have to say it is awesome. It\'s plug n\' play, so not much hassle with all sorts of wires and whatnot. You just hook up the usb cable to your computer, which powers the vci (you could also get a 7.5 v adaptor, which gives a higher output gain in volume), install serato itch, put on your headphones and your ready to DJ. It\'s really that easy.

The controller itself, feels like any other piece of DJ equipment. It\'s got all the fundamentals, like two decks, mixer, three cue points that you can save for each deck, plus one more for each time the song is loaded onto a deck. You can loop everyone one of those cues as well and even do loop rolls.

The scratching on this thing is very doable, and can rival the sounds of vinyl. Just all in all an excellent controller. Definitely your moneys worth.

If you\'re a mobile DJ this will cut your current rig in half. (Posted on 1/28/11)

9 Item(s)

per page

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Vestax VCI-300 MKII DJ Controller


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