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The Moog Sub Phatty Subtractive Analog Synthesizer - Now In Stock!


Finally, Moog sound with a keyboard and user-editable presets for under 1K!! This thing sounds ridiculous and has a very user friendly/intuitive layout, making it really easy to program crazy leads and bass patches quickly. The new multidrive feature adds a different dimension to the sound as well, providing saturation and distortion to your patches that wasn't previously available on other synths in this price range. Add CV IN and OUT, USB, and MIDI and you have set the standard for AFFORDABLE analogue synthesis!

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16 onboard user-editable presets combine with one knob per function tweakability for the ultimate in flexibility.

Redesigned oscillators are fat, punchy and loaded with harmonic content.  They perform with unmatched clarity and accuracy in any environment with virtually no warm-up time necessary.

New Multidrive circuit in the filter section totally transforms the sound of this analog synthesizer. Provides pre- and post-filter distortion to create gritty attack, asymmetrical distortion, and saturated hard-clipping sounds that tear through the densest mix.

Powerful square wave sub oscillator adds depth, thickness, and side splitting bass to any sound.

specially voiced noise generator has been incorporated for sculpting hard hitting, all analog percussion sounds and other sound effects.


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