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Spitfire Analogue Foundry #1 Pylon

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Spitfire Analogue Foundry #1 Pylon

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Product Description for the Spitfire Analogue Foundry #1 Pylon


Finely curated, incredibly cool bleeps, squelches, drops, filter downs & squabbles, performed on rarefied vintage analogue synth hardware by top producers and composers. Designed to add edge to your compositions.

Ever had that feeling that the track you're working on just sounds too "nice". Ever had an A&R man, or a director/ producer say "nice track, good composition, it just needs to be more edgy". Herein may lie the solution.


Back in Christian Henson's dance days working with the likes of LTJ Bukem and the Freestylers, a term was coined to describe how to best "f@*k up" a beautiful sonic landscape that had maybe got a bit flowery or "intelligent". An escape route for anything sounding too "Chesney" would often be "just sling a couple of pylons on the track and it will be fine...". In the same way that a beautiful countryside can have some looming electricity pylons marching across it..

Christian has teamed up here with top production duo The Flight (Lana Del Ray, Bjork, Orbital, Rufus Wainwright) to create a definitive collection of phrases, squeaks, bleeps, hits and FX from their enormous selection of classic vintage synths. With each instrument they have discussed and defined what that synth does best. Recorded in "Super Mono" via pristine Neve line amps through Cranesong AD converters, the team has created a number of parallel mono signals that can be switched in and out or mixed and assigned to different outputs. These include, dry, saturated, Mooger Foogered, and a live (and temperamental) classic spring reverb signal path. With a selection of specially selected, in-the-box mono->stereo effects, modulation and filters to warp the signal further.

In this release release of 3.1 GB (lossless compressed from over 6GB of raw WAV files) from over 3800 samples - synthesisers featured include the classic Juno 60, JX3P, MS10, ProOne, SEM, and a Moog.

Part of the Producer Portfolio which answers requests for drier sounding more manipulable samples, for more non-orchestral material, and for libraries that are affordable to all. Recorded by the Spitfire team in a number of smaller but excellent London studios, including the new Spitfire HQ in King’s Cross and their old favourite, the classic vintage studio Air-Edel in Marylebone. With a useful selection of classic/ vintage, modern, broad and room microphones, the Producer Portfolio features the talents of legendary musicians, producers, composers and programmers. With Spitfire’s existing orchestral and definitive ranges, we’re very proud of the “impression” that the hall at Air studios gives, but it’s not right for every application. With this new range, we have recorded in smaller spaces, close, mid range and room perspectives with carefully positioned ‘A class’ mics and pre-amps to give you the raw materials you need to make these sounds your own.




  • Juno 60 - Booms
  • Juno 60 - Fast Sweeps
  • Juno 60 - Lazer Hits
  • Juno 60 - Medium Sweeps
  • Juno 60 - Slow Sweeps
  • Juno 60 - Snowdrops
  • Juno 60 - Very Long Sweeps
  • Juno 60 - Wumps


  • JX3P - Booms
  • JX3P - Dub LFO
  • JX3P - Fast Sweeps
  • JX3P - Lazer Hits
  • JX3P - Medium Sweeps
  • JX3P - Random LFO
  • JX3P - Slow Sweeps
  • JX3P - Sonar
  • JX3P - Very Long Sweeps
  • JX3P - XP Bell 2
  • JX3P - XP Bell
  • MS10:
  • MS10 - Booms
  • MS10 - Dub LFO
  • MS10 - Fast Sweeps
  • MS10 - Lazer Hits
  • MS10 - Medium Sweeps
  • MS10 - Slow Sweeps
  • MS10 - Wumps


  • ProOne - Falling
  • ProOne - Pattern
  • ProOne - Ray
  • ProOne - Rising
  • ProOne - Sweeps C2fastC3medC4slow


  • SEM - Dub LFO
  • SEM - Fast Sweeps
  • SEM - Lazer Hits
  • SEM - Medium Sweeps
  • SEM - Slow Sweeps
  • SEM - Very Long Sweeps
  • SEM - Wumps


  • Voyager - Alien
  • Voyager - Booms
  • Voyager - Clangers
  • Voyager - Dub LFO
  • Voyager - Dub
  • Voyager - Fast Sweeps
  • Voyager - Lazer Hits
  • Voyager - Medium Sweeps
  • Voyager - Misc Noises
  • Voyager - Slow Sweeps
  • Voyager - Very Long Sweeps
  • Voyager - Wumps 1
  • Voyager - Wumps 2
  • Voyager - Wumps 3
  • Voyager - Wumps Rez
Brand Spitfire
Weight 1.0000
Dimensions (WxHxD) No

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Spitfire Analogue Foundry #1 Pylon


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