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Sony Spectralayers Pro 3 Academic

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Sony Spectralayers Pro 3 Academic

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Product Description for the Sony Spectralayers Pro 3 Academic

Transcending the limitations of waveform editing

In SpectraLayers Pro 3, you can work with the individual sounds in an audio file just as if they were objects in a photograph. Make detailed repairs with precise tools. Move sounds around, reduce noise and clutter, increase clarity, or get totally creative and transform a sound picture into something new and different. The spectral editing experience is, literally, sound as vision. Transcend the waveform display and refine your vision with SpectraLayers Pro 3.


SpectraLayers Pro 3 features

  • A summary overview of the SpectraLayers Pro 3 feature set reflects the emergence of an audio-editing application that has truly arrived. The third edition provides a convergence of utility, usability, and performance factors that has been highly anticipated by current users and that will prove to be a game-changing experience for the newly initiated.

Selection tools

  • The Selection tools in SpectraLayers Pro 3 have been revised to provide more power and versatility than ever for carving precise, tailor-made selections out of the spectral graph

New Waveform Display

  • The new Waveform Display shows selections, color-coded project layer content, relative amplitudes, and more.

Overview Bar

  • The Overview Bar provides graphic, color-coded information about selection range, layer program length and location, layer phase status, mute state, and marker/region positions.

Interoperability with Sound Forge Pro

  • Transfer audio data between SpectraLayers Pro 3 and Sound Forge Pro and experience the flexibility of working freely across the world’s premiere waveform and spectral editing applications. Open a large file in Sound Forge Pro and transfer selections of any size to SpectraLayers Pro 3 for fast, precise editing. Then bring the result back to the source file in Sound Forge Pro — automatically and with sample-accurate precision. Send multiple files from Sound Forge Pro to SpectraLayers Pro 3 for deep layering, remixing, and sound design work, and then return your finished products back to Sound Forge Pro for further editing and finalization.
  • Pass markers and metadata freely between SpectraLayers Pro 3 and Sound Forge Pro. Place and edit markers in SpectraLayers Pro 3 and switch them on and off as needed to operate on a clear spectral graph. SpectraLayers Pro 3 automatically merges markers from incoming files to help keep your screen uncluttered.

Spectral Casting / Spectral Molding

  • Spectral Casting / Spectral Molding is a revolutionary, SpectraLayers Pro 3 exclusive feature. Now you can use the frequency spectrum of one layer as a mold or cast for carving an impression of its frequency signature directly into the spectrum of a second layer. The creative possibilities are limitless. Spectral Casting / Spectral Molding can be a far more elegant approach than simple ducking, and the enormous sound design capabilities of this feature are poised to take creative music and sound design to an unprecedented new level.

Retouch Tools

  • The Amplify, Clone, and Erase tools in SpectraLayers Pro 3 can be used to edit audio on any layer at any time. Access these options at any stage in the editing process to assist with critical repair and restore operations, creative sound design work, and fun experimentation. Tool behaviors can be modified in useful and interesting ways — use the controls located right above the spectral display to design your own brush tips.

Noise reduction process

  • SpectraLayers Pro invites you to open an audio file, extract the elements you need, and leave the rest behind — it's a new way of thinking about noise reduction! In addition, noiseprint-based noise reduction using artistic noiseprint — a fresh new twist — is also available.

Displacement pad

  • Go multidimensional instantly with the Displacement Pad, a joystick control for changing the 3D view that features continuous access for a super-smooth 3D workflow.

Layers Panel

  • The redesigned Layers Panel in SpectraLayers Pro 3 reflects the extent to which this application has been upgraded to provide significantly improved editing and workflow options. While the revised Selection Tools bring a new level of control to the editing process, the Layers Panel improves on keeping things organized, visible, and relevant.
Brand Sony
Weight 2.0000
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Sony Spectralayers Pro 3 Academic


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