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My name is Greg and I am the creator, designer and builder of SolidGoldFX. Our goal is to offer you a sonic experience like no other by blending the warmth and feel of my favourite vintage effects with the clarity, response, and tone expected from modern day electronics. We want to push the limits of pedal design and develop innovative new features such as our tap tempo controllers to help you redefine the boundaries of your music. These aren't toys, but powerful tools designed to inspire and create art. All our pedals are individually hand made using nothing but quality parts and rigorously tested using live (LOUD) amps. Our mods are the result of years of testing, tweaking, and always wanting more tone, better definition, less noise and a more versatile pedal.

Finally, the Custom Shop is there for some truly wild creations, whether you need a slight custom modification, or an all out one-of-a-kind airbrushed monster!

We build these pedals for you and these pedals are built to rock!

Greg Djerrahian
Founder & President, SolidGoldFX

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