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We made this page because we wanted a place to share some tracks made by some of our customers. Want to be featured? Send us your track via our Soundcloud DropBox (below) and we'll post our favorites here on this page. Make sure your track includes cover art, and be sure to tell us what equipment you used to make it.
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Fun. - Some Blurry Nights - (AYB|ThatMoment|Theory RMX)
by ThatMoment & AYB  / NY/NJ

Equipment Used:
 DDJ SX, BM5a, Logic Pro 9, Novation SL 49

I'm Riff You
by WhaS!?atron / Los Angeles, CA

Equipment Used:
 “Apogee Duet, Logic 9, Novation Nocturn 25, PRS Custom 22, Line 6 M13. ”

Tristan Prettyman - My Oh My (Sweet Random Remix)
by Sweet Random / Tristan Prettyman / Saratov, Russia

Equipment Used:
 “Used Electrix Tweaker as controler, Samson Resolv A8, Behringer UMX-490 keys. I hope you will like it ;)”

Hard Liquor (750ml Club Mix)
by Steve Melnyk / Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Equipment Used:
 “Equipment Used: M-Audio BX5 monitors, M-Audio Axiom Pro 49, Allen & Heath Zed 10FX, Logic Pro software. Thanks, Steve”

Perfect Angel-4DJD (prod. Central Parks)
by Central Parks / Murfreesboro, TN

Equipment Used:
 Akai MPC 4000, Yamaha N12, Audio Technica MTH50, Neumann TLM-102, Universal Audio Solo 610, Logic Pro 9, Isotope OZONE

Troubles At The Top
by Young Heel / Brooklyn, NY

Equipment Used:
 Blue Encore-200, Shure SM58, TC Helicon Voicelive Touch, Allen & Heath Zed12FX, Alesis Micron, Ableton Live, Waves plugins, Avid ProTools.

by Meketrefe / Mexico City, MX/Brooklyn, NY

Equipment Used:
 Ableton Live, Native Instruments Maschine, Arturia Analog Experience - The Player

Lifestyle Of A Dropout
by Manny Miz / Brooklyn, NY

Equipment Used:
 Avantone CV-12 tube mic, Avid Mbox Pro Interface, Focusrite ISA One preamp, Yamahas Hs M50s

Who Dat ft. Sadat X
by Remain Hazardous / Jersey City, NJ

Equipment Used:
 Propellerhead Reason 4, Akai MPK61, Avid Pro Tools, and an Avid Mbox.

Roller Girl
by Monoceronte / Monterrey, Mexico

Equipment Used:
 Digidesign 003 Digi Rack, Focusrite Octopre MKII, Akai MPD40, AKG 414 XLII

by Robert Lux / Brooklyn, NY

Equipment Used:
 Mackie HR 624-MKII Monitors, Native Instruments Komplete, Ableton Live, M-Audio Oxygen 49, Korg Monotron, Denon MC-3000, Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones

The Secret of the Worm
by Kirkwood West / Chicago, IL

Equipment Used:
 Ableton Live, JoMoX Mbase11, Vermona Mono Lancet, Roland Jupiter 6, Ensoniq ESQ-1, A mix of VSTs, effects pedals, plugins, and live drums.

Chaos (Original Mix)
by Oh That Kidd / Cold Springs Harbor, NY

Equipment Used:
 M-Audio BX5 monitors, M-Audio Axiom Pro 49, Allen & Heath Zed 10FX, Logic Pro software.

Nine Worthies
by Sea of Decay / Asheville, NC

Equipment Used:
 TC Electronic G Twin DI Box

by Hamlet / Los Angeles, CA

Equipment Used:
 Logic Pro 8, MOTU 828, Emagic AMT8, Nord Lead, Virus Kb, Dave Smith Tetra, Roland Juno 106, Roland JV-1080

by Ben Arsenal / Philadelphia, PA

Equipment Used:
 Ableton Live, Waves, LinPlug Albino, Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP, Yamaha HS80s

by Dank Sinatra / NYC, NY

Equipment Used:
 Novation Impulse 61, Native Instruments Komplete, Logic Pro softwareTrap5

Crinkles - Nightlife (Mike Device RMX)
by Mike Device / Brooklyn, NY

Equipment Used:
 Propellerheads Reason, Ableton Live, Evolution MK225c, M-Audio Audiophile Firewire.

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