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These are some of our favorite mixes from our DJ's. Want to be featured? Send us a track via our Soundcloud DropBox (below) and we'll post our favorites here on this page. Make sure your mix includes cover art, and be sure to tell us what equipment you used to make your mix.
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where the rainbow ends.
by black\\betty / Brooklyn NY

Equipment Used:
 Ableton Live, Novation Launchpad

NYC Sleeps No More Vol. 2
by DrewV / New York, NY

Equipment Used:
 “Akai APC40, Traktor Pro 2, NI Traktor Kontrol S4 ”

Breaking News From The Living Room
by HamiltonBeach / Enterprise, AL

Equipment Used:
 “spun on a numark mixdeck with traktor pro 2,a sony vaio and 2 krk rokit 5 inch studio monitors. thanks guys,hope you enjoy the set.”

by Ashy Larry / New York, NY

Equipment Used:
 “I used Traktor and my Denon DN-MC6000”

Joey's Hennessy Artistry Mix 2012
by DJ Joey Santos / Philippines

Equipment Used:
 “made with Traktor Scratch Pro 2.5 and an NI A6 interface!”

Deep Tech House Mix March 2012
by DanJam / London, UK

Equipment Used:
 2 X Pioneer CDJ1000 MK3's, Behringer DDM4000, Zoom H2

Sunset Quick Mix
by DIMS / New York, NY

Equipment Used:
 Rane / Serato SL3, 2 Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3, Pioneer DJM-700

Miami 2 Ibiza Summer 2012 Mix
by Berry Semexan  / Atlanta, GA

Equipment Used:
 Allen & Heath Xone:DX

Summer Simmer (Daytime Mix)
by Dayvue / St. Louis, MO

Equipment Used:
 Vestax VCI-300 w/ Serato Itch, Vestax VFX-1, and Native Instruments Kontrol X1.

Red Bull Manila Music Festival Entry
by Joey Santos / Manila, PH

Equipment Used:
 Denon MC6000

Tribute to MCA
by Meketrefe / Brooklyn, NY

Equipment Used:
 Technics SL1200, Serato Scratch Live, Pioneer DJM-800, Ableton Live, and Native Instruments Maschine.

Hawaii Disc-O
by DJ Fame / NYC, NY

Equipment Used:
 Pioneer CDJ-2000's, Rane SL4, Rane Sixty-Two, Native Instruments Kontrol X1, and Ableton Live.

Banana Tape
by Banana Seat / Boston MA + Brooklyn, NY

Equipment Used:
 Technics SL1200, Serato Scratch Live, Rane TTM-56 Mixer, Ableton Live, and Logic Pro.

Disco Nap Vol. 2
by Disco Llama / NYC, NY

Equipment Used:
 Technics SL1200, Shure M44-7 needles, Pioneer DJM-T1 Mixer, and Rane SL4. Recorded with Ableton Live.

Love's Gonna Get You
by Spencer Levon / Brooklyn, NY

Equipment Used:
 Technics SL1200M3D (all vinyl), Shure White Label needles, Bozak CMA10-2 DL rotary mixer.

Grime Brick XXI
by Disco Phantom / Burlington, VT

Equipment Used:
 Stanton STR8-80 Turntables, Behringer DJX750 Mixer, M-Audio Torq software. Recorded live on WRUV.

Step Aside
by DJ Anubus / NYC, NY

Equipment Used:
 Technics SL1200, Vestax PMC-07, Shure M44-7 needles, Serato Scratch Live.

Get In The Groove
by Cecil B / Brooklyn, NY

Equipment Used:
 Technics SL1210 MKII (all vinyl), Shure White Label needles, Bozak CMA10-2 DL rotary mixer.

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