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Roland TD-25K + Drum Monitor Bundle

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Roland TD-25K + Drum Monitor Bundle

Electronic Drum Set with Roland PM10, Sticks, and Cable


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Product Description for the Roland TD-25K + Drum Monitor Bundle

Product Description For Roland TD-25KS Electronic Drum Set With Roland PM10 Personal Monitor Amp for V-Drums, Strukture PHPTRS10 Pig Hog Cable And Pair of Drum Sticks

Package Includes :

1 x Roland TD-25KS Electronic Drum Set

1 x Roland PM10 Personal Monitor Amp for V-Drums

1 x Strukture PHPTRS10 Pig Hog Cable

1 x  Pair of Drum Sticks

Roland TD-25KS Electronic Drum Set

TD-25K can the serious drummer draw on the legacy of high-end V-Drums in an intermediate drum kit. TD-25K comes with a sound engine taken from the flagship TD-30 is so expressive that it makes Roland's top-line V-Drums to the only choice among professional drummers. A streamlined interface makes it simple to make your own kits, while the built-in audio recording function makes it possible to record your game so you both can evaluate it or share it. Other cool features include mesh-head pads that gives a realistic gaming experience, positional sensing on the snare drum for more dynamic expression and VH-11 V-Hi-Hat, which allows to play with authentic hi-hat techniques.

  • Advanced Supernatural audio processor based on the flagship TD-30
  • Sound quality and expressiveness on par with top-of-the-line V-Drums
  • Simple and logical interface that makes it easy to change each drum and cymbal in a kit
  • PDX-100 10 '' mesh-head lilletrommepad that supports positional sensing and rim shot / cross stick
  • Three mesh-head tampads: two PDX-6 6.5 '' pads for Toms and PDX-8 8 '' pad as a floor tom
  • VH-11 V-Hi-Hat put on a standard hi-hatstativ, and move realistically and feels natural and acoustic
  • CY-12C 12 '' crash cymbal with natural movement, edge / sensors and choke; CY-13R 13 '' ride cymbal with natural motion and edge / bow / bell triggering
  • KD-9 Kick Trigger Pad with cloth-head which gives a great and solid feel
  • Play with the WAV / MP-3 songs and save your game as audio tracks on a USB stick
  • Coach function with hour Check and Quiet Count helps develop rhythm and timing
  • Quick-access metronome with dedicated screen on / off button and knob controls for speed
  • USB host port for audio / MIDI communication with a computer

Unmatched Audio And Expression

TD-25K gives you a great drum kit, thanks to Roland Supernatural technology with Behaviour Modelling as the flagship TD-30th The sound processor responds naturally and live in every nuance of your playing and provides a dynamic that is essential for the musical expression. Every nuance is detailed, precise, and sliding from the rim shot, hvivler, flams and ghost notes on the snare drum to massive crash cymbal strokes and bækkenhvivler.

High-End Feel And Playability

When you sit down at a TD-25K you will find that they feel and play as our high-end V-Drums. It is a full set of mesh-head pads that give the famous V-Drums-feeling with positional sensing on the snare drum, giving you nuanced, organic in sound depending on where on the pad you hit. Pelvic levels fluctuate naturally and supports shocking, edge / sounds of crash cymbals and edge / bow / bell of the ride cymbal. VH-11 V-Hi-Hat put on a standard hi-hatstativ and supports open / close and edge / surface, so you can execute your techniques exactly. And last but not least, KD-9 bass drum that feels completely natural and gives a rock solid response.

Select Your Kit And Play Immediately

TD-25Ks sound module has a no-nonsense interface and allows you to get started immediately. The large drejehul in the middle of the module lets you quickly select kits based on styles such as standard, rock, jazz, electronic and others. Once you have chosen your style, press the wheel and select the different variations. Next step? Play!

Tailor Your Kits To Suit Your Style

TD-25K makes editing sounds to suit your style of play or a specific style. Strike any pad to see which sound is selected and use the module knobs to select instruments and tweak tuning, muffling and levels. Handy shortcuts make it faster to edit your toms, so you can assign sounds and change muffling and atmosphere for all toms at once. Your changes are automatically saved ,, every time you change something. If you do not like about your latest tweaks you can easily undo them and go back to the original setup of the kit.

Play With The Tracks And Removals Audio

Want some great music to jam with to? Insert a USB connector with your best WAV / MP-3 songs and become a part of the band. In addition to the normal playback, looping sections that you want to practice, or slow down so you can more easily learn the rapid fills and stop. You can also connect your smartphone to the audio input and drum along to songs from all your phone's music library or from web. You can also record your performance (along with your backing track) as audio files to USB, which is a super cool way to evaluate your game on or to share your drumming with friends and music producers. Sound modules are equipped with a USB host port so you can record audio and MIDI data directly into your computer's music software (DAW).

Roland PM10 Personal Monitor Amp for V-Drums

Designed as a portable companion for Roland’s V-Drums, the new PM-10 is equipped with a 30-watt amplifier and a 10" 2-way coaxial speaker. Its compact design is perfect for small-sized drum kits, such as the TD-3Kit and the TD-6KV. Jam along with your favorite songs by connecting an external CD or MP3 player to the Line In jack. Balance the V-Drums and the external audio with the dedicated volume controls; adjust the tone with the built-in 2-band EQ.

Strukture PHPTRS10 Pig Hog Cable

Pig Hog cables are precisely overbuilt to stand up to the most grueling tour conditions imaginable. They feature performance quality connectors, and tension-resistant stress relief. And with Pig Hog's "no question" lifetime guarantee, they've got your back for the life of the cable. Don't settle for those fat-free cables. Grab hold of a Pig Hog!


Roland TD-25KS Electronic Drum Set

  • Advanced supernatural sound engine based on the flagship td-30
  • Sound quality and expressiveness equivalent to the top-of-the-line v-drums
  • Simple, logical interface for easily swapping and customizing each drum and cymbal in a kit
  • Pdx-100 10-inch mesh-head snare pad with support for positional sensing and rim shot/cross stick playing
  • Three mesh-head tom pads: two pdx-6 6.5-inch pads for rack toms and one pdx-8 8-inch pad for floor tom
  • Vh-11 v-hi-hat mounts on a standard acoustic hi-hat stand and offers realistic motion and a natural acoustic feel
  • Cy-12c 12-inch crash cymbal with natural swinging motion, edge/bow sensors, and choke control; cy-13r 13-inch ride cymbal with natural swinging motion and edge/bow/bell triggering
  • Kd-9 kick pad with cloth head for great feel and solid playability
  • Play along with wav/mp3 songs and capture drum performances as audio tracks to a usb memory stick
  • Build drumming skills with the onboard coach function
  • Quick-access metronome with dedicated screen, on/off button, and tempo knob
  • Usb host port for audio/midi communication with a computer

Kit configuration

  • Drum sound module : td-25 x 1
  • V-pad (snare) : pdx-100 x 1
  • V-pad (tom1, tom2) : pdx-6 x 2
  • V-pad (tom3) : pdx-8 x 1
  • V-hi-hat : vh-11 x 1
  • V-cymbal crash : cy-12c x 1
  • V-cymbal ride : cy-13r x 1
  • Kick pad : kd-9 x 1
  • Drum stand : mds-9v x 1

Size and weight

  • Width : 1300 mm 51-3/16 inches
  • Depth : 1200 mm 47-1/4 inches
  • Height : 1250 mm 49-1/4 inches

Roland PM10 Personal Monitor Amp for V-Drums

  • Big sound in a small package; 30W, 10" 2-way coaxial speaker
  • Designed specifically for electronic percussion
  • Dedicated EQ section; special V-Drums input
  • Large handle makes it easy to transport
  • Multiple inputs, plus mix input for incorporating other audio sources

Strukture PHPTRS10 Pig Hog Cable

  • High performance audio cable
  • 8mm high quality rubber outer covering
  • 1/4” TRS to 1/4" TRS connectors, heat shrink protected
Brand Roland
Weight 112.0000
Dimensions (WxHxD) No


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Roland TD-25K + Drum Monitor Bundle


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