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Midas M32R

M32 Digital Console with 40 Input Channels and 25 Mix Buses

Midas M32R

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Product Description for the Midas M32R

Designing A Future Classic :

Our goal for M32R was to combine the best of classic British console designs with advanced modern technology to completely redefine what a rack mountable digital desktop mixing console can offer. We began the industrial design process by drawing inspiration from a somewhat unexpected source the luxury and high-performance car industry.

High-Performance :

In order to create a future-forward design that took the MIDAS legacy even further, we enlisted the help of Rajesh Kutty, a leading industrial designer known for his work with celebrated luxury auto manufacturers such as Bentley, etc.

Kutty started by examining the design elements that have made MIDAS consoles so highly sought after – from the straightforward, logical layout to the unparalleled usability and ergonomics. These are characteristics that live sound engineers around the world have come to rely on, and are key aspects of the MIDAS legacy.

With these design elements in mind, Kutty set forth to create a styling that would be modern, innovative, futuristic, and stunningly elegant.

Many different construction materials were tested. Countless design variations were explored. And in the end, a styling was chosen that represented the perfect marriage between aerodynamic artistry and uncompromising performance. The design is both ultramodern and distinctly classic at the same time.

The Landmark in Console History :

The MIDAS M32R construction is equally impressive, and is designed to offer you years of reliable performance while withstanding the demanding environment of live performance venues. M32R employs a predominantly space-frame construction, with parts of the sub-frame consisting of high-performance aluminium. Multiple alloys have been employed throughout to guarantee maximum component efficiency and an improved performance-to-weight ratio.

The M32R is an innovative, evolved design that brings together modern construction principles and high-tech materials into a styling destined to go down as a landmark in console history.

Leading 192 kHz Precision :

The groundbreaking M32R console combines legendary MIDAS sound quality with advanced digital technology, future-proof 96 kHz capable open architecture design and industry-leading 192 kHz ADC and DAC converters, creating a revolutionary mid-format live console. M32R features ultra-sleek styling, offering you a truly luxurious mixing experience. High-end construction materials provide unparalleled durability and strength, plus substantially lower weight than comparable consoles.

The M32R utilises award-winning MIDAS PRO Series microphone preamplifiers and the custom-designed MIDAS PRO motorised faders that are rated for 1 million life cycles-three times more than other leading consoles.

The MIDAS M32R is a future-forward console that completely raises the bar for live mixing.

Legendary MIDAS Sound Quality :

While the MIDAS M32R design, styling, and construction will surely turn a lot of heads, it’s the sound that matters most to engineers and performing artists. And that’s where M32R shines even brighter – as the latest in a long line of pristine-sounding MIDAS consoles, it descends from a celebrated lineage that literally set the standard in electrical design and sound quality. Ever since MIDAS consoles first found fame 40 years ago with acts like Billy Joel, Yes, The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd and others, the MIDAS legacy has always been about uncompromising quality and the ultimate in sound reproduction.

Backing the analogue input section are audiophile Cirrus Logic multi-channel 192 kHz capable A/D converters, which boast a 114 dB dynamic range, ensuring impressively low distortion and low noise performance.

Built for Tomorrow:

The M32R is a console built for today, and tomorrow – its future-proof 96 kHz capable open architecture design and industry-leading 192 kHz 24 bit ADC and DAC converters provide outstanding state-of-the-art audio performance.

Award-Winning MIDAS Mic Preamplifier :

The MIDAS mic preamp is considered by leading live sound and recording engineers to be the very essence of the famous MIDAS sound. More than 40 years of design experience paired with the fi nest choice of premium-grade components lead to the acclaimed warmth and depth, bring out subtle ambience, maintain spatial positioning, and more effectively capture a precise image. The acclaimed sound of the award-winning MIDAS microphone preamplifier has inspired generations of live sound engineers to their best work, creating sonic landscapes that have captivated audiences worldwide.

Creating Sonic Landscapes :

The MIDAS preamplifier design eliminates typical imbalances of gain-setting stages, thereby improving the common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) and harmonic distortion to an almost immeasurable level. The constant high-frequency bandwidth topology assures excellent stability, RF rejection and noise performance at all gain levels, contributing to its transparent, open and dynamic sound. But it doesn’t end there, over the years many mix engineers have found that this robust and overload-tolerant design takes on a whole new dimension of sound when driven hard, the pristine audiophile reproduction giving way to just the right combination of harmonics, a warm and organic sound heard by millions of concertgoers and recorded for posterity on countless live albums over the years.

Since pristine sound always begins with the microphone preamplifier, the first point where your signal enters the console, M32R features genuine MIDAS microphone preamplifiers, which faithfully reproduce every sonic detail so no part of a performance will ever be missed. Transparent and pristine sound, low noise and high common-mode rejection are all hallmarks of this classic design.

The microphone preamplifiers are the very same ones used in the industry standard MIDAS XL4 and HERITAGE 3000 consoles, which many consider to be the greatest analogue live consoles ever built. Over the past decade, the XL4 and HERITAGE 3000 have been utilised by countless top artists including Bon Jovi, Alanis Morrisette, AC/DC, Coldplay, Kid Rock, Metallica, Alicia Keys, Foo Fighters, Christina Aguilera, Sir Paul McCartney, Pearl Jam, and many more.

The M32R draws from this same legacy to bring you an elite professional level of audio quality and performance.

What Makes the M32R Possible is – Everything :

Whether you come from an analogue mixing background, or are accustomed to using other digital consoles, your first experience with M32R has been engineered to be intuitive, fluid and straightforward.

The brilliance of the M32R is its simplicity and workflow. Tactile controls allow smooth adjustments to critical elements as the mix progresses while the TFT screen keeps you informed every step of the way. This integration of tactile controls, motorised faders and the array of LCD and TFT displays makes the M32R experience the premiere solution for Live Sound, Broadcast, Studio Recording and Post Production applications.

M32R changes the game by completely rethinking what is possible in a digital mixer. An intuitive workflow coupled with a fully interactive user interface ensures immediate familiarity and instills confidence. Advanced engineering and meticulous design deliver stellar sonic performance at an extremely affordable price – changing the game entirely.

Channel Strip :

The M32R Channel Strip puts the most important channel processing parameters into one section so that no matter which channel you are working on, the controls are always the same.

  • Live performance and studio recording digital console with up to 40 simultaneous input channels
  • 16 award-winning MIDAS PRO microphone preamplifiers
  • 25 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses
  • AES50 networking allows up to 96 inputs and 96 outputs
  • Open architecture allows for future 96 kHz operation
  • 192 kHz ADC and DAC converters for outstanding audio performance
  • Industry-leading design by Bentley* Motors Designer
  • High-performance aluminium and high-impact steel structure
  • Rack mount brackets included for ultimate flexibility
  • 40 bit floating point digital signal processing
  • 8 DCA and 6 mute groups
  • 8 digital signal processing effects engines
  • 17 MIDAS PRO motorised 100 mm faders
  • Daylight viewable 5" full colour TFT display screen
  • 32 x 32 channel USB 2.0 audio interface
  • DAW remote control emulations of Mackie Control* and HUI* protocols
  • Optional wireless remote control with MIDAS Apps for iPhone* and iPad*
  • Auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply
  • 3-Year Warranty Program**
  • Designed and engineered in England
  • 5" Main Display
  • DCA Groups
  • View Function
  • 100-Band RTA for all Channel/Bus EQ’s
  • 16 Breathtaking FX “Plug-Ins” Based on True Physical Modeling
  • Gain Splitting and Remote Control for FOH and Monitoring
  • Virtual Effects Racks


Processing :

  • Input Processing Channels : 32 Input Channels, 8 Aux Channels, 8 FX Return Channels
  • Output Processing Channels : 8 / 16
  • 16 aux buses, 6 matrices, main LRC : 100
  • Internal Effects Engines (True Stereo / Mono) : 8 / 16
  • Internal Show Automation (structured Cues / Snippets) : 500 / 100
  • Internal Total Recall Scenes (incl. Preamplifiers and Faders) : 100
  • Signal Processing : 40-Bit Floating Point
  • A/D Conversion (8-channel, 96 kHz ready) : 24-Bit, 114 dB Dynamic Range, A-weighted
  • D/A Conversion (stereo, 96 kHz ready)  : 24-Bit, 120 dB Dynamic Range, A-weighted
  • I/O Latency (Console Input to Output) : 0.8 ms
  • Network Latency (Stage Box In > Console > Stage Box Out) : 1.1 ms

Connectors :

  • MIDAS PRO Series Microphone Preamplifier (XLR) : 16
  • Talkback Microphone Input (XLR) : 1
  • RCA Inputs / Outputs : 2 / 2
  • XLR Outputs : 8
  • Monitoring Outputs (XLR / ¼" TRS Balanced) : 2 / 2
  • Aux Inputs/Outputs (¼" TRS Balanced) : 6 / 6
  • Phones Output (¼" TRS) : 1 (Stereo)
  • AES50 Ports (KLARK TEKNIK SuperMAC) : 2
  • Expansion Card Interface : 32 Channel Audio Input / Output
  • ULTRANET P-16 Connector (No Power Supplied) : 1
  • MIDI Inputs / Outputs : 1 / 1
  • USB Type A (Audio and Data Import / Export) : 1
  • USB Type B, rear panel, for remote control : 1
  • Ethernet, RJ45, rear panel, for remote control : 1

Mic Input Characteristics :

  • Design : MIDAS PRO Series
  • THD+N (0 dB gain, 0 dBu output) : < 0.01% unweighted
  • THD+N (+40 dB gain, 0 dBu to +20 dBu output) : <0.03% (unweighted)
  • Input Impedance (Unbalanced / Balanced) : 10 kΩ / 10 kΩ
  • Non-Clip Maximum Input Level : +23 dBu
  • Phantom Power (Switchable per Input) : +48 V
  • Equivalent Input Noise @ +45 dB gain (150 Ω source) : -125 dB (22 Hz-22 kHz, unweighted)
  • CMRR @ Unity Gain (Typical) : >70 dB
  • CMRR @ 40 dB Gain (Typical) : >90 dB

Input/Output Characteristics

  • Frequency Response @ 48 kHz Sample Rate : 0 dB to -1 dB (20 Hz-20 kHz)
  • Dynamic Range, Analogue In to Analogue Out : 106 dB (22 Hz-22 kHz, unweighted)
  • A/D Dynamic Range, Preamplifier and Converter (Typical) : 109 dB (22 Hz-22 kHz, unweighted)
  • D/A Dynamic Range, Converter and Output (Typical) : 109 dB (22 Hz-22 kHz, unweighted)
  • Crosstalk Rejection @ 1 kHz, Adjacent Channels : 100 dB
  • Output level, XLR Connectors (Nominal / Maximum) : +4 dBu / +21 dBu
  • Output Impedance, XLR Connectors (Unbalanced / Balanced) : 50 Ω / 50 Ω
  • Input impedance, TRS Connectors (Unbalanced / Balanced) : 20 kΩ / 40 kΩ
  • Non-Clip Maximum Input Level, TRS Connectors : +21 dBu
  • Output Level, TRS (Nominal / Maximum) : +4 dBu / +21 dBu
  • Output Impedance, TRS (Unbalanced / Balanced) : 50 Ω / 50 Ω
  • Phones Output Impedance / Maximum output Level : 40 Ω / +21 dBu (Stereo)
  • Residual Noise Level, Out 1-16 XLR Connectors, Unity Gain : -85 dBu 22 Hz-22 kHz unweighted
  • Residual Noise Level, Out 1-16 XLR Connectors, Muted : -88 dBu 22Hz-22kHz unweighted
  • Residual Noise Level, TRS and Monitor out XLR Connectors : -83 dBu 22 Hz-22 kHz unweighted


  • Main Screen : 5" TFT LCD, 800 x 480 Resolution, 262k Colours
  • Channel LCD Screen : 128 x 64 LCD with RGB Colour Backlight
  • Main Meter : 18 Segment (-45 dB to Clip)


  • Switch-Mode Power Supply : Auto-Ranging 100-240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
  • Power Consumption : 70 W


  • Standard Operating Temperature Range : 5°C – 40°C (41°F – 104°F)
  • Dimensions : 478 x 617 x 208 mm (18.8 x 24.3 x 8.2")
  • Weight : 14.3 kg (31.5 lbs)
Brand Midas
Weight 1.0100
Dimensions (WxHxD) No

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