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Instrument Mics

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  • i5 - Front

    Audix I5 Dynamic Cardioid Mic

    Multi-purpose mic, 50 Hz - 16 kHz, with clear accurate sound. Excellent for snare, percussion, horns, leslie high, and guitar amps.

  • OM7

    Audix OM7 Touring PA Mic

    Dynamic Hypercardioid Designed for touring PA system with maximum gain before feedback in monitors.

  • SEN-604P3PK

    Sennheiser e604P 3 Pack

    Dynamic Cardioid Clip-on Snare/Tom Mics with Pivoting Mount, 3-pack w/ clips and pouches

  • Sennheiser e602ii Bass Drum Mic

    Sennheiser e602ii Bass Drum Mic

    Cardioid instrument microphone especially suitable for use with bass drums, bass guitar cabs & other low frequency instruments.

  • e604 - Side

    Sennheiser e604 Drum Rim Mic

    Cardioid dynamic with stand mount and MZH604 mount for drum rims and suspension mounts

  • e609

    Sennheiser e609

    Supercardioid dynamic for guitar amplifiers, includes MZQ100 clip but can be easily hung

  • Sennheiser e614 Polarized Condenser Microphone

    Sennheiser e614 Polarized Condenser Microphone

    Polarized Condenser Microphone

  • e906

    Sennheiser e906

    Professional supercardioid dynamic mic with three-position presence filter for guitar cabinet.

  • MD241 II - Image 2

    Sennheiser MD421 II

    Dynamic Cardioid Microphone with High SPL Capacity and 5-Position Bass Roll-Off Switch

  • 520DX - Front Side

    Shure 520DX Harmonica Mic

    Omnidirectional Dynamic with Volume Control, High Z, ǃ_The Green Bulletǃ_ for Harmonica

  • Beta 98H/C

    Shure Beta 98H/C Clip-on Mic

    Clip-On Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone with Integrated Shock Mount and Attached Preamplifier

  • DMK57-52 - Included Mics

    Shure DMK57-52 Drum Microphone Kit

    Includes 3 SM57 Microphones, 1 BETA 52A Microphone, 3 A56D Mounting Systems & Carrying Case

  • SM81

    Shure SM81 Instrument Microphone

    Cardioid Condenser with 10dB Attenuator and 3 Position Low-Cut Filter,

  • D 112 Kick Drum Mic

    AKG D112

    Industry-standard large-diaphragm cardioid dynamic bass drum / high SPL instrument mic. Comes with SA 60 stand clamp.

  • C 414 XL II - Front

    AKG C414XL II

    5-pattern transformerless condenser vocal microphone with 3 attenuation settings and 3 bass roll-off filters.


45 Item(s)

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