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Kemper Profiler (White)

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Kemper Profiler (White)

White Guitar Profiling Amplifier

Brand New


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Product Description for the Kemper Profiler (White)


The Kemper Profiler is the all-in-one solution for electric guitar and bass. It's a multi-effect-processor, preamp and optional poweramp. Due to its high connectivity it fits perfect to all purposes, no matter if you're playing live, at home or in the studio.

It ships with hundreds of the best amps in the world, profiled under perfect conditions in professional studios worldwide.

Profiler allows you to capture the sonic DNA of any amp with the press of a single button - a unique technology, called Profiling, invented by Kemper.



The Profiler revolutionizes the typical workflow of a recording session. By taking profiles of a mic'ed up guitar rig, guitarists for the first time, can freely move in between projects and go back at any time, for overdubs and alternative takes. Rent a professional studio for one or two days to create the best profiles of your amps. Record in your project studio later on with the sound and feel you had earlier on – without time or money pressure.

Think reamping … Wouldn't it be great to reamp tracks with the exact same sound and response later when you’re already working on the final mix? Without rebuilding the entire recording setup just because the producer want to continue working on a different song?


Playing live takes your initial effort to make profiles while recording the next blockbuster hit full cycle. Using the exact same sound like on the record without the need of multiple amp setups on stage opens up a new world of possibilities. You will sound better than before on the PA.

It is not necessary to mic up a speaker cabinet on stage, as the cabinet sound mic'ed in the studio is immortalized in the profile. As a nice consequence, it is not necessary to carry a cabinet up on stage at all. You can monitor yourself by the common stage monitor wedge and save a lot of backache and cargo costs. Your band mates and your mixing engineer might love you for leaving this loud sound source at home.

However, you might still be appealed to the raw energy of a real speaker cabinet in the rehearsal room and on stage. The Kemper Profiler is well prepared for this as well. You can run a speaker cabinet by a solid state or a tube power amp, fed by the Profilers monitor output. For the most convenience our 'powered' Profiler versions are equipped with a build in Class D amplifier with 600W. The virtual cabinet can be switched off exclusively for the monitor output, to prevent the amp sound going through two cabinets in a row. Still the virtual cabinet is active for the main outputs going to the PA.

Now that you use the speaker cabinet only as your personal monitor, you can adjust your individual volume on stage, independent from the signal volume going to the front-of-house.


Rocking away at home is difficult for the most of us. Analog tube amps only sound gorgeous at a level where the neighbors half a mile down the street can enjoy your 10 minute rock’n’roll extravaganza as well. The Profiler sounds great at any level.

Play it by your home stereo or by your headphones. A dedicated effect called 'Space' will render the headphone sound more pleasing and fight ear fatigue. Play along your favourite music by connecting your MP3 player to the auxilliary in and mixing it with the amp signal.



The Profiler Head comes with classic curves. It makes a perfect figure on a 4x12 cabinet. Still it's so compact and light that can be taken as handluggage onto an plane. The footprint of the Head is tiny, designed to stand on the desk of your project studio, right beside your computer. The Profiler Head is available in black and white colour.




  • Height : 21.7 cm (8.54 inches)
  • Width : 37.8 cm (14.88 inches)
  • Depth : 17.3 cm (6.81 inches)


  • Head : 5.32 kg (11.73 pounds)
  • PowerHead : 6.50 kg (14.33 pounds)


  • S/PDIF In/Out 44.1 kHz (24 bit)
  • with RCA Phone connectors (Master only)


Front Input:

  • ¼ inch TS unbalanced, dynamic range >108dB, impedance 1 MegOhm

Alternative Input:

  • ¼ inch TRS balanced with ground lift, dynamic range =105dB


  • XLR balanced, ¼ inch balanced with ground lift, dynamic range =105dB


  • Master L and R Outputs:
  • XLR balanced, ¼ inch TS unbalanced with ground lift max. output level : XLR +22dBu, TS +16dBu
  • Monitor Output:
  • ¼ inch TS unbalanced with ground lift max. output level : +16dBu
  • Direct Output/Send:
  • ¼ inch TS unbalanced with ground lift max. output level : +16dBu
  • Output Dynamic Range:
  • >108 dB
  • Dedicated Headphone Output:
  • ¼ inch TRS stereo, 33Ohm


  • Midi:
  • 5-pin DIN commectors for In/Out/Thru
  • Switch/Pedal:
  • Two 1/4 inch TRS, each for
  • mono/stereo switch or expression pedal
  • (10kOhm min, 100kOhm max. impedance)
  • Network:
  • RJ45 connector
  • USB:
  • USB 2.0 (FS) compatible device,
  • USB-A and USB-B connectors


  • Line Voltage:
  • Head/Rack 100-240V. AC, max. 0.5. A
  • PowerHead/PowerRack 100-125 or 190-245V. AC, max. 10. A
  • Frequency:
  • 50Hz to 60Hz, single phase


  • Operating Temperature:
  • 10° to 35° C (50° to 95° F)
  • Non-operating Temperature:
  • -20° to 47° C (-4° to 116° F)
  • Relative Humidity:
  • 5% to 95% non-condensing
  • Maximum Altitudet:
  • 3000 m (10,000 feet)


  • FCC Verification procedure – 47CFR §15.101
  • Other Class B digital devices and peripherals
  • EN 55022 Class B : 2006+A1:2007
  • EN 61000-3-2 : 2006 + A1:2009 + A2:2009
  • EN 61000-3-3 : 2008EN55024:1998 + A1:2001 + A2:2003
  • EN 55024 : 1998 + A1:2001 + A2:2003, 2010
Brand Kemper
Weight 15.0000
Dimensions (WxHxD) No


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Kemper Profiler (White)


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