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IK Multimedia Sample Tank Custom Shop Nanotube

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IK Multimedia Sample Tank Custom Shop Nanotube

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Product Description for the IK Multimedia Sample Tank Custom Shop Nanotube

Astounding glitched-out loops, trippy and intricate patterns, howling organic growls and gritty percussion. 8 construction kits, 12 drum kits, 80 midi patterns and 4 multis.
Take your tracks to the next level with Nanotube. It's a futuristic library for SampleTank 3 that lets you swarm your tracks with astounding glitched-out loops, trippy and intricate patterns, howling organic growls and gritty percussion. In all, you get 8 construction kits, 12 drum kits, 80 MIDI patterns and 4 multi, which host instruments that include various types of loops, one-shot sounds and electronic drum hits. With Nanotube you'll have everything you need to effortlessly make cutting-edge beats. Astounding glitched-out loops, trippy and intricate patterns, howling organic growls and gritty percussion.


  • Acid Grams Drum Kit
  • Acido Jazz Kit 111bpm
  • Androide Drum Kit
  • Bit Rock Drum Kit
  • Chill House Kit 122bpm
  • Clicks Kit 114bpm
  • Dark Hop Drum Kit
  • Deep Club Drum Kit
  • Glitch Drum Kit
  • Guitar Crash Drum Kit
  • Hypno Kit 118bpm
  • Indie Drum Kit
  • Industrial Kit 102bpm
  • Inkognito Drum Kit
  • Jungle Kit 150bpm
  • Micron Drum Kit
  • NY House Kit 127bpm
  • Revelations Drum Kit
  • Tech Houser Drum Kit
  • Technico Kit 120bpm


  • Acid Grams Fill1 114bpm
  • Acid Grams Fill2 114bpm
  • Acid Grams Fill3 114bpm
  • Acid Grams Main 114bpm
  • Acid Grams Var1 114bpm
  • Acid Grams Var2 114bpm
  • Acido Jazz Kit 111bpm
  • Androide Fill1 125bpm
  • Androide Fill2 125bpm
  • Androide Fill3 125bpm
  • Androide Main 125bpm
  • Androide Var1 125bpm
  • Androide Var2 125bpm
  • Bit Rock FIll1 119bpm
  • Bit Rock FIll2 119bpm
  • Bit Rock FIll3 119bpm
  • Bit Rock Main 119bpm
  • Bit Rock Var1 119bpm
  • Bit Rock Var2 119bpm
  • Chill House Kit 122bpm
  • Clicks Kit 114bpm
  • Dark Hop Fill1 109bpm
  • Dark Hop Fill2 109bpm
  • Dark Hop Fill3 109bpm
  • Dark Hop Main 109bpm
  • Dark Hop Var1 109bpm
  • Dark Hop Var2 109bpm
  • Deep Club Fill1 120bpm
  • Deep Club Fill2 120bpm
  • Deep Club Fill3 120bpm
  • Deep Club Main 120bpm
  • Deep Club Var1 120bpm
  • Deep Club Var2 120bpm
  • Glitch Fill1 105bpm
  • Glitch Fill2 105bpm
  • Glitch Fill3 105bpm
  • Glitch Main 105bpm
  • Glitch Var1 105bpm
  • Glitch Var2 105bpm
  • Guitar Crash Fill1 105bpm
  • Guitar Crash Fill2 105bpm
  • Guitar Crash Fill3 105bpm
  • Guitar Crash Main 105bpm
  • Guitar Crash Var1 105bpm
  • Guitar Crash Var2 105bpm
  • Hypno Kit 118bpm
  • Indie Fill1 115bpm
  • Indie Fill2 115bpm
  • Indie Fill3 115bpm
  • Indie Main 115bpm
  • Indie Var1 115bpm
  • Indie Var2 115bpm
  • Industrial Kit 102bpm
  • Inkognito FIll1 111bpm
  • Inkognito FIll2 111bpm
  • Inkognito FIll3 111bpm
  • Inkognito Main 111bpm
  • Inkognito Var1 111bpm
  • Inkognito Var2 111bpm
  • Jungle Kit 150bpm
  • Micron Fill1 99bpm
  • Micron Fill2 99bpm
  • Micron Fill3 99bpm
  • Micron Main 99bpm
  • Micron Var1 99bpm
  • Micron Var2 99bpm
  • NY House Kit 127bpm
  • Revelations Fill1 113bpm
  • Revelations Fill2 113bpm
  • Revelations Fill3 113bpm
  • Revelations Main 113bpm
  • Revelations Var1 113bpm
  • Revelations Var2 113bpm
  • Tech Houser Fill1 123bpm
  • Tech Houser Fill2 123bpm
  • Tech Houser Fill3 123bpm
  • Tech Houser Main 123bpm
  • Tech Houser Var1 123bpm
  • Tech Houser Var2 123bpm
  • Technico Kit 120bpm

Multi Patterns

  • Nanotube Song1 FX1 111bpm
  • Nanotube Song1 FX2 111bpm
  • Nanotube Song1 FX3 111bpm
  • Nanotube Song1 FX4 111bpm
  • Nanotube Song1 Hat 111bpm
  • Nanotube Song1 Kick 111bpm
  • Nanotube Song1 Loop 111bpm
  • Nanotube Song1 Perc1 111bpm
  • Nanotube Song1 Perc2 111bpm
  • Nanotube Song1 Perc3 111bpm
  • Nanotube Song1 Perc4 111bpm
  • Nanotube Song1 Pluck 111bpm
  • Nanotube Song1 Snare 111bpm
  • Nanotube Song1 Synth1 111bpm
  • Nanotube Song1 Synth2 111bpm
  • Nanotube Song1 Synth3 111bpm
  • Nanotube Song2 Bass 118bpm
  • Nanotube Song2 FX1 118bpm
  • Nanotube Song2 FX2 118bpm
  • Nanotube Song2 Hat 118bpm
  • Nanotube Song2 Key1 118bpm
  • Nanotube Song2 Key2 118bpm
  • Nanotube Song2 Key3 118bpm
  • Nanotube Song2 Kick 118bpm
  • Nanotube Song2 Loop 118bpm
  • Nanotube Song2 Perc1 118bpm
  • Nanotube Song2 Perc2 118bpm
  • Nanotube Song2 Perc3 118bpm
  • Nanotube Song2 Perc4 118bpm
  • Nanotube Song2 Snare 118bpm
  • Nanotube Song2 Synth1 118bpm
  • Nanotube Song2 Synth2 118bpm
  • Nanotube Song3 Bass 102bpm
  • Nanotube Song3 Clap1 102bpm
  • Nanotube Song3 Clap2 102bpm
  • Nanotube Song3 FX1 102bpm
  • Nanotube Song3 FX2 102bpm
  • Nanotube Song3 Hat 102bpm
  • Nanotube Song3 Kick 102bpm
  • Nanotube Song3 Loop1 102bpm
  • Nanotube Song3 Loop2 102bpm
  • Nanotube Song3 Perc1 102bpm
  • Nanotube Song3 Perc2 102bpm
  • Nanotube Song3 Perc3 102bpm
  • Nanotube Song3 Perc4 102bpm
  • Nanotube Song3 Pluck 102bpm
  • Nanotube Song3 Synth1 102bpm
  • Nanotube Song3 Synth2 102bpm
  • Nanotube Song4 Clap 150bpm
  • Nanotube Song4 Crash 150bpm
  • Nanotube Song4 CrashRev 150bpm
  • Nanotube Song4 FX1 150bpm
  • Nanotube Song4 FX2 150bpm
  • Nanotube Song4 Hat 150bpm
  • Nanotube Song4 Key1 150bpm
  • Nanotube Song4 Key2 150bpm
  • Nanotube Song4 Key3 150bpm
  • Nanotube Song4 Kick 150bpm
  • Nanotube Song4 Loop1 150bpm
  • Nanotube Song4 Loop2 150bpm
  • Nanotube Song4 Open Hat 150bpm
  • Nanotube Song4 Perc1 150bpm
  • Nanotube Song4 Perc2 150bpm
  • Nanotube Song4 Perc3 150bpm


  • 220MB
  • 4 Multis
  • 20 Instruments
  • 80 Patterns


  • Nanotube Song1
  • Nanotube Song2
  • Nanotube Song3
  • Nanotube Song4
Brand IK Multimedia
Weight 2.0000
Dimensions (WxHxD) No

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IK Multimedia Sample Tank Custom Shop Nanotube


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