Home Lab Life with Sammy Bananas

by ghostdad on November 16, 2010

For second installment of our Home Lab Life series we hit up the LAB of Sammy Bananas in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Sammy showed us around his studio space where he produces originals and remixes for the Fools Gold label and works with the other half of the Telephoned duo Maggie Horn.

Pro Tools is at the center of the studio and Sammy takes advantage of his Digi03 as an interface and for it’s hands on capabilities when mixing and arranging tracks. Sammy uses synths and plug ins inside the box, but also likes to reach for some synth and controllers outside the box to keep a live instrument feel in his tracks. He’s got a Nord Electro and Modular along with a Dave Smith Tetra on the wall for analog synth and piano sounds. He reaches for an Akai drums pad and Micro Korg to control drum and software instrument sounds.

When laying down vocals the Rode NT1000 is Sammy’s standby and he sends it through an Avalon mic pre before recording into Pro Tools. Movable baffles made out of high grade insulation makes the vocal booth modular for an adaptable arrangement in the space.

Check the video above out to hear form Sammy himself. We’ve got a photoset with detailed images of his setup up on our flickr page. Check in with Fools Gold for more on Sammy and Telephoned , and check out his artist page on RCRD LBL for some featured tracks and downloads. Thanks again Sammy for inviting us in!


proaudiostar's Sammy Bananas Home Lab Life photoset proaudiostar’s Sammy Bananas Home Lab Life photoset

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