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Pedals & Effects

Inividual effects and multi-fx pedal boards for guitar, bass, keyboards, voice, and all other musical applications. We stock a veritable cornucopia of pedals, from industry standard major manufacturer to small-batch handmade pedals. We are constantly seeking out more effects makers every day, especially those that produce all analog, hand wired, true bypass pedals.

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  • Bass Big Muff Pi

    Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi Pedal

    Distortion/Sustainer, sustain, tone and volume knobs

  • Polytune

    TC Electronic Polytune

    Poly-chromatic Tuner Pedal that allows you to tune your guitar by strumming a full chord!

    Regular Price: $99.99

    Special Price: $69.00


    TC Electronic FlashBack Delay

    Features 6 seconds delay time of every delay type you could ever wish for


    TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb

    Hall Of Fame Reverb is a collection of the ultimate reverbs, packed tightly in one cool pedal

  • MXR Carbon Copy

    MXR M169 Carbon Copy

    Rich, warm analog delay with 600ms of delay time, mod switch, and completely analog Audio path

  • MXR-BA78D

    MXR M78 Custom Badass '78 Distortion

    Huge amp-style stack tones and old-school distortion


    MXR M101 Phase 90 Pedal

    Adds a shimmery velocity to leads or a dramatic swoosh to muted playing, and works well for many instruments

  • TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay & Looper

    TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay & Looper

    4 Flashback Delays Combined

  • TC Electronic Ditto (1)

    TC Electronic Ditto

    A looper made by guitarists - for guitarists


    Line 6 JM4 Looper

    Stompbox Amps & Effects Modeler w/ Built-in Looper & Jam Tracks

    Regular Price: $299.99

    Special Price: $249.99

  • EarthQuaker Devices Organizer

    EarthQuaker Devices Organizer

    Polyphonic Organ Emulator

  • WYH-WHE203

    Way Huge WHE203 Red Llama Overdrive Pedal

    Boutique style overdrive with a small Tweed Amp style tone


Items 1 to 15 of 601 total

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