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Godin Guitars ACS Nylon Synth Access 2-Voice + Boss GP-10S + Roland GKC-5 Cable

6-String Electric Guitar - Black HG With Cable and Pedal

Godin Guitars ACS Nylon Synth Access 2-Voice + Boss GP-10S + Roland GKC-5 Cable

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Product Description for the Godin Guitars ACS Nylon Synth Access 2-Voice + Boss GP-10S + Roland GKC-5 Cable

Product description for godin guitars acs synth access 2-voice electric guitar - black hg with roland gkc-5 13-pin cable 15ft for use with roland midi guitar systems and boss gp-10s gp10s usb midi guitar multi-fx pedal

Package includes :

1 x godin guitars acs synth access 2-voice electric guitar - black hg

1 x roland gkc-5 13-pin cable 15ft for use with roland midi guitar systems

1 x boss gp-10s gp10s usb midi guitar multi-fx pedal

Godin guitars acs synth access 2-voice electric guitar - black hg

The acs blends classical guitar concepts with elements of solid body design. The incredibly comfortable neck from the multiac nylon is used here with a maple body & cedar top to achieve our most affordable synth access guitar ever. Although the body is chambered, response from the maple top is more typical of a solid body design than that of a traditional acoustic guitar. This design results in an instrument that is virtually free of feedback, making it easy to use even when the band gets loud.

The engine in both the acs-sa & acs-sa slim includes individual transducer saddles powered by a customized preamp system from the rmctm pickup company. This system not only produces superb amplified sound, but also produces a hexaphonic output through a 13-pin connector enabling direct access to rolandtm gr-series guitar synthesizers.

Roland gkc-5 13-pin cable 15ft for use with roland midi guitar systems

Use this cable to connect a roland gk-series pickup to any roland guitar synth, roland v-guitar system, or the boss "gk effect" pedals (wp-20g wave processor & oc-20g poly octave).

Boss gp-10s gp10s usb midi guitar multi-fx pedal

Unlimited sonic possibilities

incredible versatility for stage and studio playing

the compact gp-10 is both an instrument modeling processor and a powerful multi-effects unit. Its multi-effects section features flagship-level cosm® amps and effects, and these can be used with any guitar via a standard 1/4-inch cable. 

In addition to instant tuning changes, using a gk-compatible pickup with the gp-10 lets you change your instrument’s entire sound as well. On hand are classic modeled electric guitars with single coils and humbuckers, plus steel- and nylon-string acoustics, basses, banjo, resonator, fretless guitar, and even a sitar! The gp-10 also includes an impressive analog-modeled synth engine that powers an authentic emulation of the famous roland gr-300 analog guitar synth and a super-fat osc synth with two oscillators and many easily adjustable sound parameters. In addition, a selection of cool “poly fx” deliver unique sounds only possible with gk processing, allowing you to take your playing into exciting new territory. Modeled sounds can be blended with your guitar’s normal sound, putting an infinite range of tones under your fingers.

Natural, ultra-responsive cosm amps

a core factor that defines an electric guitar’s sound is the amplifier type, and the gp-10 is filled with them. 30 different amps are at your disposal, including classic combos, vintage stacks, and modern high-gain amps, along with bass amps for modeled bass tones and a full-range amp for acoustic sounds. Powered by custom boss dsp and the latest developments in cosm technology, the amps in the gp-10 deliver organic, responsive tone, with adjustable settings to vary the natural compression and playing feel. All the gp-10’s amps can be used with either normal guitars or those equipped with a gk pickup.

High-performance multi-effects

inside the gp-10 is a wide selection of flagship effects derived from the gt-100. Most can be used with a normal guitar (without a gk pickup), allowing the gp-10 to do double-duty as an effects processor for any guitar gig. Included are overdrives, distortions, mod effects, delay, reverb, and more, as well as intelligent harmony and other great effects. The onboard expression pedal can be used for foot volume or effects such as wah, pedal bend, and others.

Usb audio/midi interface built in

the gp-10 features an onboard usb audio/midi interface, making it easy to record great amp and effect tones in your favorite daw with any axe. But when you use a gk-equipped guitar, the gp-10 becomes an enormously powerful creative tool that expands your production capabilities beyond any standard guitar processor. For example, you can record the audio output of each of your guitar’s strings on separate tracks, either processed with the gp-10 or captured dry for later processing. When you record unprocessed sounds in this way, you have the ability to not only re-amp the tracks through the gp-10’s amps, but to “re-guitar” as well, using the gp-10’s instrument modeling to change the sound to anything you want after the fact! The guitar-to-midi function allows you to stretch your creativity even further, using your guitar to play soft synths, capture midi sequences, and input midi data into notation software on your computer.

Boss tone studio and boss tone central

available as a free download, the boss tone studio software makes it simple to edit and organize your gp-10 patches on your mac or windows computer. In addition, the software provides direct access via usb to the boss tone central website, which offers a continually growing collection of free, ready-to-play gp-10 patches created by some of the world’s top guitarists.

Gk pickup options for the gp-10

depending on your needs, the gp-10 is available by itself (gp-10s), or with a roland gk-3 divided pickup and 13-pin cable included in the box (gp-10gk). If you already have a gk-3 on your guitar—or if you have an instrument such as the gc-1 gk-ready stratocaster® with a gk pickup built in—you’ll want to choose the gp-10s. If you want to use the gp-10’s modeling functions and you don’t have a gk-3, the gp-10gk is the way to go. The gk-3 is quick and easy to install on your favorite electric guitar with no modification needed.


Godin guitars acs synth access 2-voice electric guitar - black hg

  • Mahogany neck
  • Richlite fingerboard
  • 16" fingerboard radius
  • 25 1/2" scale
  • 1 7/8" nut width
  • Chambered silver leaf maple body with cedar top
  • Custom rmc electronics with 13-pin connector for direct control of roland gr series and axon ax100 guitar synths

Roland gkc-5 13-pin cable 15ft for use with roland midi guitar systems

  • 15 foot length
  • Capable of connecting most 13 pin guitar synths

Boss gp-10s gp10s usb midi guitar multi-fx pedal


  • Electric guitar: 12 types
  • Acoustic: 9 types
  • Bass: 3 types
  • Guitar synthesizer: 3 types
  • Poly fx: 5 types

Alternate tuning

  • Open: d, e, g, a
  • Drop: d to a
  • D-modal
  • Nashville
  • Shift: -12 to +12
  • User
  • 12-string guitar function


  • Preamp: 30 types
  • Fx: 16 types (including od/ds)
  • Od/ds: 21 types
  • Wah: 6 types
  • Chorus: 3 types
  • Delay: 10 types
  • Reverb: 7 types
  • Eq: 1 type
  • Noise suppressor(ns): 1 type

Patch memory

  • 99

Ad conversion

  • Gk pickup: 24 bits
  • Guitar in: 24 bits + af method

Da conversion

  • 24 bits

Sampling frequency

  • 44.1 khz

Nominal input level

  • Guitar input: -10 dbu
  • Aux in: -20 dbu

Input impedance

  • Guitar input: 1 m ohm
  • Aux in: 27 k ohms

Nominal output level

  • Output l/mono, r: -10 dbu
  • Guitar out: -10 dbu
  • Phones: -10 dbu

Output impedance

  • Output l/mono, r: 2 k ohms
  • Guitar out: 2 k ohms
  • Phones: 44 ohms

Recommended load impedance

  • Output l/mono, r: 20 k ohms or greater
  • Guitar out: 20 k ohms or greater
  • Phones: 16 ohms or greater


  • Pedal switch x 4
  • Expression pedal x 1


  • 16 characters, 2 lines (backlit lcd)


  • Gk in connector: 13-pin din type
  • Guitar in jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • Guitar out jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • Output (l/mono, r) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type
  • Phones jack: stereo miniature phone type
  • Aux in jack: stereo miniature phone type
  • Exp 2/ctl 3, 4: 1/4-inch trs phone type
  • Usb port: usb type b
  • Dc in jack

Power supply

  • Ac adaptor

Current draw

  • 350 ma


  • Ac adaptor
  • Owner's manual
  • Leaflet "using the unit safely"
  • Divided pickup (roland gk-3) (only for gk included model)
  • Gk cable (3 m, 10 feet) (only for gk included model)

Options (sold separately)

  • Divided pickup: roland gk-3
  • Gk cable: roland gkc-5 (5 m), gkc-10 (10 m)
  • Gk parallel cable (gk pickup <--> gk connector x 2): roland gkp-2
  • Unit selector: roland us-20
  • Footswitch: fs-5u
  • Dual footswitch: fs-6, fs-7
  • Expression pedal: roland ev-5, fv-500l/500h

Size and weight

  • Width : 251 mm 9-15/16 inches
  • Depth : 207 mm 8-3/16 inches
  • Height : 71 mm 2-13/16 inches

Size and weight (maximum height:)

  • Width : 251 mm 9-15/16 inches
  • Depth : 207 mm8-3/16 inches
  • Height : 93 mm 3-11/16 inches
SKU GDN-32174-BUN1
Brand Godin
Weight 22.0000
Dimensions (WxHxD) No

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