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Gator GPB-LAK-1 Pedal Board w/Line 6 DL4 / TC Electronic HOF Mini

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Gator GPB-LAK-1 Pedal Board w/Line 6 DL4 / TC Electronic HOF Mini

Carry Bag With Pedals And Cables


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Product Description for the Gator GPB-LAK-1 Pedal Board w/Line 6 DL4 / TC Electronic HOF Mini

Product Description For Gator GPB-LAK-1 Black Aluminum Pedal Board; Small w/ Carry Bag With Line 6 DL4 Stompbox Delay Modeler Pedal, TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini And Planet Waves CGTP-305 0.5 ft. Classic Series 1/4 Patch Cable 3-Pack

Package inlcude :

1 x Gator GPB-LAK-1 Black Aluminum Pedal Board; Small w/ Carry Bag

1 x Line 6 DL4 Stompbox Delay Modeler Pedal

1 x TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini

1 x Planet Waves CGTP-305 0.5 ft. Classic Series 1/4 Patch Cable 3-Pack

Gator GPB-LAK-1 Black Aluminum Pedal Board; Small w/ Carry Bag

Black Small aluminum pedal board with Gator carry bag and bottom mounting power supply bracket. Power not included.

Lightweight Aluminum pedal board, Pedal surface measures 15.75" x 7.00", Black Finish, Universal mounting bracket provided for mounting most common power supplies beneath the board, Angled for ease of access to pedals, Cable routing perforations make routing signal and power easy, Adjustable no slip rubber feet for board leveling, Deluxe carry bag with polyethylene reinforced top and bottom has removable shoulder strap

Line 6 DL4 Stompbox Delay Modeler Pedal

The Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler offers you an incredible array of sounds, from a tube driven, tape loop echo (complete with adjustable wow and flutter), through 24-bit squeaky clean digital echo, to real-time reverse delay. Not only that, but the Line 6 DL4 gives you complete programmable control over all aspects of the sound in the studio and on the stage. Incredibly simple to use, the Line 6 DL4 is an amazingly powerful tool offering you delay effects never before available in a single box.

The Line 6 DL4 and Flexible Digital Modeling

The Line 6 DL4 offers digital modeling based on 15 of those vintage delay and echo effects you've always yearned for. The DL4 includes EP-1 Tube Echoplex, EP-3 solidstate Echoplex, Space Echo, Deluxe Memory Man, Reverse delay, Rhythmic delay, Dynamic delay, and many more.

The Loop Sampler on the Line 6 DL4 includes 14 seconds of memory + 800ms of Pre-delay (sort of a delay within a delay), and features half speed and/or reverse overdubbing, and more.

The Line 6 DL4 is Flexible and Rugged

The Line 6 DL4 packs models of those sounds and many more into a rugged, road-tested steel housing that can run for up to 30 hours on four "C" batteries or with the optional PX-2G power adaptor. Models of classic delay boxes—and the sweet choruses and vibratos that accompany many of them—are just the beginning; the Line 6 DL4 also boasts innovative sounds like its "Auto-Volume Echo," which combines a volume swell with a tweakable tape-style echo; or the outstanding "Reverse Delay," which allows you to play stunning backwards guitar solos on the fly.

With the Line 6 DL4, you also get those U2-style "Rhythmic Delays" in several metric flavors, super-cool "Ping-Pong Delay" effects, and outrageous stereo panned repeats. Look, if it ain’t in the DL4, it probably doesn’t exist...until you create it. What's more, with its onboard 14-second looper, the Line 6 DL4 is both the perfect practice tool and the ultimate creative canvas for crafting overdubs and creating textures, with its 1/2 speed and reverse modes ideal for sonic adventurers and arrangement-minded recordists alike.

The Line 6 DL4: Easy to Use

Like all Line 6 stompbox modelers, the DL4 boasts a simple and sturdy front panel design, with four footswitches for saving and recalling your sounds, and six knobs for selecting models and tweaking parameters, with distinct assignments for each knob depending on the delay model you’ve chosen. Paired with the optional EX-1 expression pedal, which lets you morph between two radically different settings for each of your sounds, the Line 6 DL4 is truly the ultimate delay pedal, making the history of echo and delay available to your creative future.

TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini

Space. The Final Frontier

Reverb is very much about space, but then again so is your pedal board. So what if we could combine unlimited space for your reverbs with a miniature footprint? What? You'd be partying on for days? Well break out the confetti, because it's here! 

Reverb Royalty

Look we're not into the whole chest-beating thing, but OUR reverbs? They're among the best out there. They've been on countless records and movies and used by guitarists around the world - rock stars to bedroom shredders all swear by them. That's why Hall of Fame Mini comes pre-loaded with one of the very best; our legendary hall reverb. All of the amazing reverbs from our award-winning Hall of Fame reverb are also available as TonePrints and can easily be loaded into Hall Of Fame Mini. So whether you crave spring, hall, room, plate or the amazing lush cathedral reverb, you're covered.

Infinite Reverbs, Limited Space

If Hall Of Fame Mini was proportionate to the amount of tone possibilities we packed in there, it'd have its own moon orbiting around it. But, as you Sherlocks probably noticed from the name Mini, it's really small. Built on our renowned Mini platform that also spawned Ditto Looper and PolyTune Mini, there's always room on your pedalboard for this one, and the amount of tone choices never ends. It's the best of both worlds!

What you get is a guitarist's reverb that may remind you of guitar's most heralded amps from yesteryear: one knob - awesome tone no matter what.

Knob Fiddling

Hall Of Fame Mini opens up the world of reverb to you like no other pedal ever could. You can beam your favorite TonePrints directly to your pedal via your smartphone, including all the default sounds of the original Hall Of Fame.

Added to that, the TonePrint Editor allows you to shape, sculpt and form YOUR ideal reverb from the ground up. The editor is an easy to use tool but it gives you complete tonal liberty via a set of intuitive, deep controls that allow you to to create any classic reverb type you like.

Planet Waves CGTP-305 0.5 ft. Classic Series 1/4 Patch Cable 3-Pack

Planet Waves 3-Pack 6 Inch Patch Cable PW-CGTP-305. Featuring our exclusive In=Out technology, Planet Waves cables offer extremely low capacitance for pure signal transparency. Classic Series cables feature nickel-plated plugs, ultra-pure oxygen-free copper conductors, dense shielding that virtually eliminates triboelectric (handling) noise, and molded strain relief for ultimate durability.


Gator GPB-LAK-1 Black Aluminum Pedal Board; Small w/ Carry Bag

  • Color : Black
  • Handles : Padded Nylon Handle
  • Latches : Zipper

Interior Dimensions

  • Interior Length :  400 mm
  • Interior Width :  178 mm
  • Interior Height :  57 mm

Exterior Dimensions

  • Exterior Length :  476 mm
  • Exterior Width :  267 mm
  • Exterior Height :  146 mm
  • Exterior Weight :  2.27 kilograms

Shipping Dimensions

  • Exterior Length :  508 mm
  • Exterior Width :  305 mm
  • Exterior Height :  178 mm
  • Exterior Weight :  3.18 kilograms

Line 6 DL4 Stompbox Delay Modeler Pedal

  • 3 programmable presets and onboard Tap Tempo.
  • True Bypass switching, so your direct tone is exactly that; direct from your guitar to your amp.
  • Expression Pedal Input - for real-time control of all effect settings.
  • DL4 runs in discrete stereo, both inputs and outputs, so Left stays left and Right stays right. (Loop Sampler sums signal to mono.)
  • Runs from batteries (a set is included) or optional power adapter
  • Digital Effects : 16
  • Factory Presets : 18
  • User Programmable Channels : 3
  • Controls : Effect Selector, Delay Time, Repeats, Tweak, Tweez, Mix
  • Mono/Stereo : Stereo in, Stereo out (Loop Sampler sums signal to mono)

TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini

  • Room for choice - all of TC's best reverbs available via TonePrint
  • TonePrint Enabled
  • Ultra-small footprint

Planet Waves CGTP-305 0.5 ft. Classic Series 1/4 Patch Cable 3-Pack

  • Abrasion resistant outer jacket
  • Ultra-fine stranded premium-quality copper 16 AWG conductors
Brand Gator
Weight 10.0000
Dimensions (WxHxD) No


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Gator GPB-LAK-1 Pedal Board w/Line 6 DL4 / TC Electronic HOF Mini


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