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Garritan World Instruments 350 Instruments From Around The World - BOX

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  • Garritan World Instruments 350 Instruments From Around The World - BOX


Garritan World Instruments 350 Instruments From Around The World

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Product Description for the Garritan World Instruments 350 Instruments From Around The World

Travel The World With Garritan Sounds

World Instruments is a unique, comprehensive sound library featuring more than 350 virtual software instruments from around the world. From traditional Chinese orchestras to Gamelan ensembles, from Taiko groups to Bollywood bands, Garritan World Instruments gives you the tools to add exotic sounds to your music.

Experience The Exotic Sounds Of World Instruments

Listen to demos featuring instruments from India, Japan, Africa, China, the Middle East, Latin America, Australia and many other regions.



  • Basic Indian Percussion, Chenda, Chimta, Chippli, Dafli, Damroo, Dhol, Dholak, Ghatam, Ghungroo, Gong (stinging gong), Hatheli, Kanjeera, Khartal, Khol, Manjeera, Murchang, Mridangam, Naal, Nagara, Pakhawaj, Stir Drum, Tablas, Tamte, Tasha, Tavil, Udaku


  • Chanchiki, Chu-daiko, Daibyoshi, Hira-daiko, Hyoushigi, Ko-daiko, Nagado-daiko, O-daiko, Okawa, Okedo-daiko, Shime-daiko, Tebyoshi, Tsuzumi, Uchiwa-daiko

Other Asian Regions

  • Chabara, Ching, Geduk, Jang Gu, Kesi, Kkwenggwari, Kompang, Luo Gong, Madal, Tangku, Thai Gong, Tibetan Cymbals, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Tibetan Bells, Tingsha


  • Bodhran, Hang Drum, Jaw Harps, Rattle Cog


  • Afoxe, Agogo Bell, Agogo Block, Atabaque, Berimbau, Bombo, Cuica, Latin Percussion 1, Latin Percussion 2, Rain Stick, Teponaxtli, Tinaja

Middle East

  • Arabian Frame Drum, Basic Middle East Percussion, Bendir, Daff, Darabuka, Doira, Duff, Dumbek, Kashiklar, Kudum, Naqqara, Riqq, Tar, Tumbak, Zarb, Zills

North America

  • Buffalo Drum, Powwow Drum, Native Log Drum, Pueblo Drum (Taos), Spoons, Washboard


  • Gamelan Balinese: Angklung, Ceng Ceng, Gender, Giying (Ugal), Kantil, Kemong (Kenong), Kendhang, Pemade, Penyacah, Reyong; Gamelan Javanese: Bonang, Gong & Gong Ageng, Kempul, Kempyang, Kenong (Kemong), Ketuk, Pelog Panerus, Saron Barung, Saron Demong, Saron Panerus (Peking), Slendro Panerus, Slentem; Hawaiian Percussion: Basic Hawaiian Percussion, Ipu, Kaekeeke, Kala’au, Lava Stones & Rattles, Pahu Hula, Toere

String instruments


  • Begena, Bolon, Domu, Kora, Ngoni


  • Choazhou Guzheng, Erhu, Guzheng, Pipa, Yueqin


  • Electric Sitar, Sarangi, Sarangi Drone, Sitar, Tambura


  • Koto, Sanshin, Shamisen

Other Asian Regions

  • Dan Tranh, Dan Ty Ba, Gopichand


  • Balalaika, Bulgarska Tambura, Celtic Harp, Fiddle, Hurdy Gurdy, Mandolin, Octave Mandolin, Wire Strung Harp (Clarsach), Zitter

Latin America

  • South American Harp (Arpa), Veracruz Harp, Guitarron

Middle East

  • Oud, Santoor

North America

  • Banjo, Banjolele, Dulcimer, Fiddle (see Europe: Strings), Fretless Zither, Hammered Dulcimer (see Middle East: Strings: Santoor), Washtub Bass


  • Rebab, Tenor Ukulele, Ukulele

Additional Instruments

  • ASIA
  • Bullroarer, Harmonium, Khaen Mouth Organ


  • Alphorn, Concertina, Concert Accordian, French Accordian, Italian Mussette Accordian

Latin America

  • Bandoneon, Steel Drums

North America

  • Melodica, Harmonica, Bass Harmonic
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Garritan World Instruments 350 Instruments From Around The World


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