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Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Kit + Headphones + Throne + Sticks

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Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Kit + Headphones + Throne + Sticks

Electronic Drum Kit + Headphones + Throne + Sticks


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Product Description for the Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Kit + Headphones + Throne + Sticks

Product Description For Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Kit, AKG K240 Studio Headphones, Tama HT-130 Drum Throne and Promark Hickory 5A Drum Sticks

1 X Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Kit

1 X AKG K240 Studio Headphones

1 X Tama HT-130 Drum Throne

1 X Promark Hickory 5A Drum Sticks

Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Kit

Dedicated to the Beat - United by the Groove.

Combining Yamaha's expertise in drums and technology, the DTX400 features dynamic acoustic drum and percussion sounds, plus modern rock drums and electronic tones. Drummers of all levels will enjoy the full size kit and steel rack system. Customize the kits to match your style, and practice with interactive training functions featuring a "Voice Guidance" system - it’s like having a talking drum teacher built-in! Play along with the musical practice songs or aux input and develop the chops to play on acoustic drums. With upgrades like 3-zone snare, extra crash and real pedal action your DTX400 kit can grow with your drumming.


DTX400 Touch

Control an extensive range of parameters from the rich graphical user interface allowing you to fine tune the Yamaha DTX400 series to precision. Swipe to select any of the 10 Preset Kits and create new kit configurations by reassigning drum voices to each pad. Take total control by customizing the parameters of each individual pad such as pad tuning, cymbal and hi-hat size. Also access the Tempo and Metronome settings with a single touch. The DTX400 Editor app includes a Firmware update utility to ensure your Yamaha DTX400 series has the latest firmware.

Song Beats

Learn to play your favorite songs with an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by seeing where to hit the drums in musical time. Also you can easily create a custom mix for the accompaniments, putting your drumming at the center of the band with over 1000 songs available from a shop that’s built right into the app. In addition, you can also use 10 built-in demo songs or any MIDI song that you've already purchased from Yamaha MusicSoft by using iTunes File Sharing. Register Song Beats with Yamaha, and your first song is free!

MusicSoft Manager

Using an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you can load new MIDI songs directly into your DTX400 series kit. The Dropbox* feature can be used to transfer MIDI songs from the cloud to MusicSoft Manager and MIDI Songs stored in MusicSoft Manager can be backed up to Dropbox. *Dropbox is a free online storage service provided by Dropbox Inc.

Maple Custom

Maple is a traditional wood that has been used to make drums for a very long time. This kit features Yamaha Maple Custom snare and toms and our Maple Custom Absolute for the kick. Known for its rich, warm tone and sustain, these drums are loved by professional drummers from all of the world. The cymbal set uses an 18-inch American made Turkish-style crash cymbal, and 14-inch hi-hats and a 20-inch ride from a popular Canadian cymbal company known for their quick response.

Oak Custom

Yamaha Oak Custom drums sent a shudder through the drum industry. Never before had this hardwood been used in full kits. From the powerful low end that shakes the floors, to full mids and crisp highs that penetrate the mix, insist on the power of oak. This tight and powerful kit will rock your world. It uses a set of Swiss cymbals including an 18-inch crash, 13-inch hi-hats, and 20-inch ride that are popular for their brilliant sound.

Hard Rock

Big, booming, and brutal - this kit has incredible projection. Using modern studio techniques with a wide open drum tuning gives this kit a huge sound for today’s hard rock and heavy metal. It comes with a 19-inch American china, 14-inch Swiss hi-hats, and a 22-inch Canadian ride. By using a heavier stick to record the sounds you can feel the power of a monster rock drummer. This preset uses the hi-hat controller as a twin kick pedal so you can rock out with double-bass drums.


Old-style vintage drums are capable of blending into a variety of music styles and are particularly suited to 70s music. This kit uses a set of classic American-made drums with larger diameters for a “King” size tone. To match the vibe of this kit we also include a set of highly Swiss-formula cymbal sounds including a 16-inch crash, 14-inch hi-hats, and 22-inch ride.


This kit has a dry and focused quality produced from Yamaha’s legendary Birch Custom series and features a signature snare sound from one of funk music’s power drummers. Birch has the outstanding ability to provide clear mid and low tones, as well as a sharp, solid response in the high frequencies. It comes with 16-inch American crash, 13-inch Swiss hi-hats, and 20-inch Canadian ride cymbal.


Featuring a tight, full drum sound that works well across many different styles of music, the Session kit is made from a Yamaha Oak Custom kick, Maple Custom toms and an extra deep signature snare drum. It comes with 17-inch American crash and Canadian made 13-inch hi-hats and 20-inch ride.


The Jazz kit uses smaller sized drums with higher tension on the heads for a tight and bouncy sound compared to the other kits. Not only can it be used for Jazz but the sound will fit into other styles of music that require a high degree of dynamic expression. The cymbals were selected to provide a distinctive jazz ride sound with a full sound in the crash and hi-hat voices.


No DTX kit would be complete without the electronic sounds of legendary drum machines and modern beat-box samples. This is the best kit to use for 80s House and dance music as well as today’s Hip-Hop and R&B genres.


Featuring a concert bass drum, Yamaha MS-9214 marching snare drum, orchestral cymbals, and high pitched tom-toms. This kit takes its name from the snare drum used but also has the potential for use in new genres of music just waiting to be discovered.


Rounding out the preset kits is a collection of traditional drum instruments we simply call Percussion. Bongos, congas, cowbells and shakers are featured with a high degree of tonal changes according to your playing dynamics.

AKG K240 Studio Headphones

The K240 Studio professional over-ear, semi-open studio headphones are designed for professional applications such as mixing, mastering and playback. The advanced XXL transducers with Varimotion diaphragms deliver a wide dynamic range, increased sensitivity and high sound levels. The semi-open design provides a solid bass range and extremely clear highs. The over-ear pads envelop the ears nicely making them extremely comfortable to wear. The K240 Studio features a professional mini XLR connector, allowing for quick replacement of the cable. The 3 m cable included provides a convertible jack plug for easily connecting portable equipment.

Tama HT-130 Drum Throne

The Tama HT130 Double Braced Drum Throne re-sets the standard for affordable drum thrones. Showcasing their renowned penchant for strength and security, Tama upgraded the height adjustment mechanism on the HT130 standard throne by increasing the surface area of the pipe-gripping clamp. Rather than rely on the base of a single bolt to support the drummer's entire body weight, the expanded clamp dramatically reduces the risk of slippage with improved grip.

Promark Hickory 5A Drum Sticks

The 5A has long been the best selling stick for all styles of music due to it's well-balanced design and length. The oval-shaped tip provides a full, dark sound. The 5A is versatile enough to be used in all musical genres.


Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Kit


  • DTX430 module with 169 drum sounds and 127 instrument sounds
  • FP6110 Belt-drive Kick Pedal and KP65 Kick Pad
  • Large 10" Ride and Crash cymbals and 10" Hi-Hat cymbal
  • HH65 remote hi-hat, allows half-open, pedal and splash hi-hat sounds.
  • 7" Drum Pads newly designed for greater playability and durability
  • 10 interactive Training Functions with Voice Guidance
  • 10 Preset kits
  • 10 play-along songs (new songs can be downloaded via USB)
  • Steel rack provides a solid playing experience
  • Upgradeable with DTX-PAD snare (XP80)


  • Width : 240 mm
  • Height : 188 mm
  • Depth : 68 mm

Tone generator

  • Voices : 169 (23 Snares, 21 Kicks, 36 Toms, 31 Cymbals, 16 Hi-Hats, 42 Percussions
  • Drum kits : 10 (all of which may be edited and overwritten)


  • Tempo : 30 to 300 BPM (Tap Tempo and Voice Guidance functions)
  • Beat : 1/4 to 9/4


  • Connectors : SNARE, TOM1, TOM2, TOM3, RIDE, CRASH, HI-HAT, HI-HAT CTL, KICK/PAD(mini stereo audio) / USB TO HOST / AUX IN (mini stereo audio) / PHONES - OUTPUT
  • Power Supply : PA-130 or equivalent
  • Power Consumption : 5 W

AKG K240 Studio Headphones


  • Headphone type : semi-open
  • Max. Input : Power : 200 mW
  • Audio frequency : bandwidth : 15 - 25000 : Hz
  • Sensitivity headphones : 104 dB SPL/V
  • Rated Impedance : 55Ohms
  • Detachable : cable : yes
  • Cable Length : 3m
  • Earpads replaceable : yes


  • Length : 110 mm
  • Width : 190 mm
  • Height : 200 mm

Audio Interface

  • Type : Stereo plug – 3.5mm (1/8-inch) with 6.3 mm (1/4”) screw-on adapter
  • Gender : Male
  • Contacts : 3-pin

Tama HT-130 Drum Throne

  • 13-inch round 90mm padded Seat
  • Double Braced Legs
  • Height Adjustable Range

Promark Hickory 5A Drum Sticks

  • Hickory is the most popular wood choice for drumsticks due to its resilience, responsiveness, durability, and classic feel
  • Diameter : 551" Length: 16"
  • Oval wood tip provides a dark, warm tone suited for multiple applications
  • Medium taper for balanced response and rebound
  • All Promark drumsticks are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA at our Texas facility to the most stringent quality controls in the industry
Brand Yamaha
Weight 56.3100
Dimensions (WxHxD) No


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Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Kit + Headphones + Throne + Sticks


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