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Arturia Microbrute Creation Edition

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Arturia Microbrute Creation Edition

Arturia Microbrute Creation Edition

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Product Description for the Arturia Microbrute Creation Edition

Creation Edition

Touched By Inspiration

Enshrined in black and metallic, emblazoned with historic art, and galvanized with creative fire, meet the limited edition Creation series.

Our iconic DrumBrute and MicroBrute analog instruments are now available for a limited time in an exciting, audacious new design. DrumBrute Creation and MicroBrute Creation feature the same award-winning sound, controls, and architecture of their predecessors, but feature a whole new look. Come face to face with a reimagining of Michelangelo’s masterwork “The Creation of Adam”, inviting you to explore the near-limitless possibilities these hands-on analog instruments have to offer.

With the Creation series, we have crafted the perfect canvas for your creativity.

Analog Firebrand

Sometimes it feels like we wait our whole lives to capture that fleeting, ephemeral moment of creative imagination. When we do, it’s worth the wait.

Our Creation series was designed to bring you as close as possible to that magic moment. Michelangelo’s fresco is considered one of humanity’s greatest artistic achievements and now you have that inspiration at your fingertips. Feel the energy of the ages every time you make a beat, channel the same spark of creativity that forged that historic masterwork whenever you explore new synth lines, melodies, and textures.

DrumBrute Creation and MicroBrute Creation are analog instruments that twist and shape their electric life-blood into sounds and rhythms. When played - either together or alone - their versatile tone and intuitive controls let you experience the true nature of the much sought-after “analog sound”.

The Creation series is a celebration of that elusive, artistic revelation. You’re not just invited to the party, you’re the guest of honor.

Inspired to Create

The concept behind Creation is not only to give you great instruments you'll love to play, but also challenge the way you think about drum machines and analog synths, inviting you to use them in new, exciting ways.

Explore MicroBrute

The mini synth with a mighty sound.

Awesome new makeover, but under the skin it’s the same award-winning Brute we know and love. Discover the joys of a 100% analog signal path and fire up your creativity.

Simple to master and addictive to use, take hands-on control of all essential parameters with “one knob, one function” philosophy. Blend saw, triangle, and square waves with sound-shapers, dial in the pants-shaking sub oscillator, and experiment with its multi-mode arpeggiator and programmable sequencer for maximum creative expression. Crank up the Brute Factor to create an unholy, unpredictable cacophony, hone your tone with a sweet-sounding Steiner-Parker output filter, and connect to the world with MIDI in & out, CV/gate, and USB.

Rhythm of the Creation

A laid back hip-hop beat. Several layers of Microbrute are playing altogether to construct a complex melody. On top of that, a subtle sample is played on a MPC 500 through the external input, proccessed by the filter. The DrumBrute kickdrum has been layered and proccessed through a mild overdrive effect for added punch and presence. Note how the snare drum plays in tandem with the rimshot, subtly adding a satisfying tone to the sound.


A moody trap beat. The main melodic riff, composed of two microbrute parts played by hand, features the characteristic and punchy sound produced by the brute factor. On the DrumBrute side, the kickdrum has been layered for added presence, while the tambourine is used as an open hat sound, helping providing a wider range of sounds.


Nice melodic trap beat with a nostalgic feel to it. MicroBrute is handling all the synths, stabs and arpeggios, on top of which a subtle sample is played by a MPC 500 through the external input. DrumBrute's kick had been layered with a short filter sweep recorded from the MicroBrute, which adds character and presence. You can also hear the reversed cymbal playing just before the snare drum, giving a sense of anticipation before the hit.

My Land

A mean and catchy instrumental, showing the raw side of the Brutes. The chord like effect on the synth part was made by cleverly layering and cutting two recordings of the MicroBrute. All parts have been recorded with no added processing, every sound you can hear is dry, straight from the machines.


  • Amp It Up : Connect your kick to a saturated bass amp, stick the snare in a hot, overdriven guitar amp, put your master through some grungy PA speakers, and mic up the results. Every drum has its own output, so the sound-shaping possibilities are almost endless
  • Get Brutal : Plug the headphone output of DrumBrute Creation to the aux input of MicroBrute Creation, and slam the “Brute Factor” up for earthshaking, unpredictable, and awesomely fun results. Balance the drum tones to find the “sweet spot” in the madness.
  • The Rim Method : Activate the “Step On Gate” mode for MicroBrute Creation in the Arturia MIDI Control Center, and use DrumBrute Creation’s rimshot track to trigger the sequencer of MicroBrute Creation, letting you unleash polyrhythmic melodic sequence fury!
  • Layer Cake : Even without using multiple outputs, both MicroBrute Creation and DrumBrute Creation can be layered, effected, and mixed in your DAW to create full, heavy-hitting tracks in practically any contemporary genre, from trap to industrial, techno to retrowave.
  • Synth Pedal Board : The Creation series are genuine analog, electronic instruments that love being shaped and honed with effects and amps. You wouldn’t plug an electric guitar straight into a PA, so why do it with a synth or drum machine? Experience analog power!
  • Modular Mayhem : Use DrumBrute Creation’s instrument or clock outputs to trigger Eurorack modules or sequences on vintage synths, and rewire MicroBrute Creation’s patch bay to create sounds that are totally, uniquely yours.
Brand Arturia
Weight 3.8000
Dimensions (WxHxD) No


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Arturia Microbrute Creation Edition


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