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Roland TR-8

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Roland TR-8

Performance Drum Machine

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Product Description for the Roland TR-8

Authentic Tr-808 And Tr-909 Experience In A Modern, Performance-Ready Instrument

  • The Tr-8 Is A Performance Rhythm Machine That Melds The Legendary Sound And Vibe Of The Tr-808 And Tr-909 With Features And Functions For The Modern Age. Genre-Defining Sounds, Classic Effects, Unprecedented Live Pattern Manipulation, And Solid, Intuitive Performance Controls. It’S The Tr…Evolved.

Capturing The Originals

  • Full Reproduction Of The Classic Tr-808 And Tr-909 Rhythm Machines, Based On Original Design Spec Sheets And Detailed Analog Circuit Analysis Of Many Original Tr Machines, Including Roland’S Own Pristine Units
  • Newly Developed Analog Circuit Behavior (Acb) Technology Allows Part-By-Part Analyses And Faithful Recreation Of Tonality And Behavior, Including The Smooth Variations Of Tone That Occur When You Work The Controls Of Each Instrument
  • Obsessive Attention To Detail, Such As Reproducing The Original Tr’S Unique Variations In Tone That Occur When Multiple Instruments Are Entered In Accented Steps
  • Authentic 16-Step Sequencer With Faithful Tr-Rec Behavior, Including A And B Pattern Variations And The Ability To Play Instruments And Record To Steps In Real Time

Tr Evolved

  • 16 Stunning Kits Made Up Of 11 Instrument Types, Including Custom Dream Kits That Use Both Tr-808 And Tr-909 Sounds
  • Large Tempo Knob With Tap Tempo Button And Continuous Fine And Shuffle Adjustment Knobs
  • Control The Intensity Of The Accent Function With A Dedicated Knob
  • Per-Step Reverb And Delay Effects With Dedicated Knobs
  • Mix Sources Connected To The External In Jacks With Built-In Per-Step Side Chain Function For Rhythmic Ducking And Gating Effects
  • Scatter Lets You Freak And Tweak Your Grooves With Real-Time Control And Perfect Sync
  • 7 Segment, 4 Character Led Display And 16 Per-Step Pads With Bold, Full-Color Leds
  • Real-Time Pattern Creation Up To 32 Steps With On-The-Fly Step Count Adjustment
  • Rec/Play Modes Have Been Eliminated, Enabling Seamless Switching Between Step Input And Real-Time Pattern Making And Performance
  • Real-Time Play Of 4 Different Types Of Rolls (8th, 16th, Vari 1, Vari 2) And Per-Instrument Mutes
  • Pattern Copy And Pattern Randomization For Rapid, Spontaneous Creativity
  • Two Assignable Analog Outputs And Full Parallel Outputs Via Usb For Total Mixing Flexibility

The Lineage

  • Unleashed Upon An Unsuspecting World In The 1980s, The Tr-808 And Tr-909 Produce Arguably The Most Influential Drum Sounds In Modern Music. Not Only Have They Appeared On Thousands Of Dance Tracks Over The Course Of Three Decades, They’Ve Helped Define The Sound Of Entire Musical Genres. From Rap And House To Techno And Trance, The Tr-808 And Tr-909 Have Left An Indelible Mark On The Art And Culture Of Music. Roll The Drums..

The Sound

  • In Developing The Tr-8, We’Ve Obsessively Analyzed And Faithfully Recreated Every Detail And Nuance Of The Analog Circuitry Of These Legendary Rhythm Machines—The Boom And Snap Of The 808; The Thud Of The 909; The Robotic Click Of An 808 Rim Shot Or A Classic 909 Snare Roll. It’S All Here. But Not Content With Mere Recreations, We’Ve Enhanced These Classic Instruments With Capabilities That Go Far Beyond The Original Units.
  • Tune And Decay Knobs Are Now Present On Every Instrument, And The Bass Drum And Snare Drum Have Additional Controls Such As Attack, Snappy, And Comp. This Allows For A Wide Variety Of Tones, From Subtle Ambient Percussion To Pounding Dance Grooves. Per-Step Effects And The Massively Addictive Scatter Function Take Things Into Entirely New Territory.
  • With The Authentic Tone And Character Of The Original Units And New Sound-Tweaking Capabilities Inspired By Legions Of Users, The Tr-8 Breathes New Life Into The Sounds We All Know And Love.

The Feel

  • Make No Mistake—The Tr-8 Has Been Carefully Designed From The Ground Up As An Instrument To Be Played. Every Control Has A Solid, Predictable Feel, With Each Drum Instrument Having Robust, “Playable” Faders. Numerous Lighted Knobs And Rgb Buttons Give Both Real-Time Performance Feedback And A Striking Appearance On Stage.
  • Pattern Creation Is Creative And Intuitive Using An Evolved Version Of The Tr-Rec Method, Which Originated In The Tr-808 And Eventually Became The Standard For Electronic Rhythm Programming. Based On Detailed Analysis Of The Original Tr-808, The Tr-Rec Behavior Has Been Faithfully Modeled In The Tr-8. But The Tr-8 Goes Well Beyond The Original, Allowing You To Seamlessly Switch Between Programming And Performance Modes, And To Introduce Lots Of Groovy Rhythmic Variations From Subtle Snare Fills To Total Glitch Meltdowns.

What Is Scatter?

  • Scatter Is A Unique Performance Function That Gives You Detailed Real-Time Control Over Variations In Your Patterns And Any Incoming External Input Signal.
  • Scatter Can Reverse, Glitch, Gate, Truncate, Stutter, And Perform All Manner Of Rhythmic Variations From Subtle To Extreme, And All In Perfect Sync
  • Pick From 10 Different Types Of Scatter And Smoothly Adjust The Intensity—Or “Scatter Depth”—With The Large, Comfortable Dial
  • Seamlessly Switch Between Scatter Patterns And Quickly Toggle Scatter On/Off For Cool Variations When And Where You Want Them

A Few More Things

  • The Tr-8 Looks Great And Is Designed To Work Seamlessly With Other Products In The Aira Series. In Addition, You Can Connect The Tr-8 To Your Computer Via Usb To Send And Receive Both Audio And Midi Data, Including Midi Clock Information For Syncing With External Devices And Other Aira Units.

Tr-8 Version 1.1 New Features

Backup And Restore

  • Manage Your Kit And Pattern Library With Easy Backup And Restore Over Usb.

Improved Playability

  • Instrument Levels — Customize Kits By Adjusting The Gain Of Each Instrument To Suit Your Individual Style.
  • Better Rolls — Rolls Are Now Easier To Engage, Offer More Control, And Sound Better Overall.
  • Scatter Latch On/Off — Alternate Unlatched Trigger Mode Engages Only While “On” Button Is Held Down.
  • Scatter Cycle — Scatter Will Enable For One Cycle And Then Automatically Disengage.
  • Sync Reset — Get Back In The Groove By Instantly Starting A Pattern From The Top.

Improved Editing

  • Pattern Lock — Lock The Contents Of A Pattern So You Can Experiment Without Losing Your Original Groove.
  • Nonstop A/B Pattern Editing — Now You Can Edit Both A And B Parts Of A Pattern Without Stopping The Sequencer.

Improved Midi

  • Modes — Local On/Off And Midi Controller Modes Determine How Midi Data Is Sent And Received.
  • Accent Velocity — Midi Velocity Is Variable By The Accent Setting.
  • Kit Select — Select Kits Using Midi Control Change Messages.
  • Scatter — Scatter On/Off, Type And Depth Can Be Controlled Via Midi Control Change.
  • External Record — Record Patterns In Real-Time From External Midi Devices.
  • Midi Off — Disable Sending Of All Midi Messages.
  • Ignore Play/Stop — Toggle Whether Or Not Tr-8 Responds To Play/Stop Messages.
  • Effect Control — Control Effects Using Midi Control Change Messages.


  • User drum kits : 16
  • User patterns : 16
  • Steps per :  1 measure1 – 16 steps x 2 (variation a/b)
  • Tempo : 40 – 300

Instruments & controls

  • Bass drum : level, tune, attack, comp, decay, inst select
  • Snare drum : level, tune, snappy, comp, decay, inst select
  • Low tom, mid tom, high tom, rim shot, hand clap, closed hihat, open hihat, crash cymbal, ride cymbal: level, tune, decay, inst select

Effects and controls

  • Accent: level, step
  • Reverb: level, time, gate, step
  • Delay: level, time, feedback, step
  • External in: level, side chain, step


 tr-rec, pattern select, inst play, inst rec, drum kit sel, drum inst sel


  • Volume knob
  • Scatter knob
  • Tempo knob
  • Fine knob
  • Shuffle knob
  • Pads: 16
  • Mode buttons: 6
  • Clear button
  • Variation buttons: a, b
  • Scale button
  • Last step button
  • Start/stop button
  • Scatter on button
  • Scatter depth button
  • Tap button
  • Power switch (rear)
  • Display : 7 segments, 4 characters (led)
  • Effects : reverb, delay, side chain
  • scatter : types: 10
  • nominal input level : -10 dbu
  • input impedance : 100 k ohms
  • nominal output level -10/+4 dbu (selectable)
  • output impedance : mix out, assignable out: 1 k ohmphones: 130 ohms
  • Usb : audio, midi
  • Power supply : ac adaptor
  • Current draw1,000 ma


  • Width : 400 mm 15-3/4 inches
  • Depth : 260 mm 10-1/4 inches
  • Height : 65 mm 2-9/16 inches
  • 0 dbu = 0.775 vrms
Brand Roland
Weight 5.0000
Dimensions (WxHxD) 4X4X16


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Roland TR-8


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