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DigiTech RP-500 Multi-Effects- Non Factory Sealed

20 sec looper, 40 Tones and Effects, 5 Delay, built-in whammy pedal


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Product Description for the DigiTech RP-500 Multi-Effects- Non Factory Sealed

The Simplicity of a Stompbox. The Control of an Effect Switching System.The RP500 takes the complexity of an effect switching system and combines it with the simplicity of stompboxes. Full arsenals of tones are at your disposal, all easily controlled. If you’re a player who takes command of their tone by turning individual pedals on and off, enable the Pedalboard Mode button and instantly use the 5 footswitches to turn the RP500’s stompboxes and effects on and off within a program. If you are tired with the effect tap-dance and want to concentrate on playing, the RP500’s Preset Mode gives you instant access to 5 totally different sounds with the single press of a footswitch (100 presets total across 20 different banks). Now the RP500 features a 20-second looper. Simply play, loop, change tones then overdub. It’s that easy. No matter how you like to control your sound, the RP500 has a solution for you.

Pedalboard Mode

When you first apply power to the RP500, it powers up in Pedalboard mode. Pedalboard mode provides access to all of the presets within the RP500 via the Up and Down Footswitches. Knob 1 selects a tone from the Tone Library, Knob 2 selects an effects chain from the Effects Library, Knob 3 adjusts the Effects Level, Knob 4 adjusts the Amp Gain, Knob 5 adjusts the Amp Level, and Knob 6 adjusts the Master Level (volume).

Preset Mode and Pedalboard Mode

Since the RP500 has two different footswitch modes of operation (Preset Mode and Pedalboard Mode), presets can be selected in two different ways:

  • Pedalboard Mode

    Pedalboard mode is the default mode, where each numbered footswitch turns on and off the effect labeled above it. Use the Up/Down Footswitches to select presets in Pedal- board mode. When the Pedalboard button is on (lit), Pedalboard mode is active.

  • Preset Mode

    In Preset mode, the numbered footswitches recall presets in the active bank. Use the Up/ Down Footswitches to select preset banks in Preset mode. When the Pedalboard button is off (not lit), Preset mode is active.

Bypass Mode

The RP500 presets can be bypassed via an analog bypass circuit for a clean, unprocessed guitar signal. To bypass the RP500, press the Bypass Footswitch. The Display reads Bypass indicat- ing the preset is bypassed. Press any Footswitch to exit Bypass and return the RP500 to the last preset used.

Amp/Cabinet Bypass Mode

The RP500 has the unique feature of being able to turn off amp and cabinet modeling globally in all presets. This is extremely useful when you just want to add effects processing to your own core amplifier sound. The RP500 effectively becomes a straight multi-effects box at this point where only Wah, Compressor, Distortion, Equalizer, Noise Gate, Chorus/FX, Delay, and Reverb are being used.

To bypass amp/cabinet modeling in all presets, press the Amp/Cabinet Bypass button. When it is lit, amp/cabinet modeling is globally bypassed in all presets.

Amp/Cabinet Bypass can be used in either Preset or Pedalboard modes.

Tuner Mode

The Tuner in the RP500 allows you to quickly tune or check the tuning on your guitar. Enter Tuner mode by pressing and holding the Bypass Footswitch for 2 seconds. The Display briefly shows tuner indicating that you are in Tuner mode. To begin tuning, play a note on your guitar (a harmonic at the 12th fret usually works best). The Numeric Display shows the note being played. Arrows on the right indicate the note is sharp and should be tuned down. Arrows on the left indicate the note is flat and should be tuned up. A left and a right arrow in the center indicate the note is in tune. The output is muted in Tuner mode. The Expression Pedal controls the guitar volume while tuning. Exit tuner mode by pressing any Footswitch.

In Tuner mode, you can change your tuning reference. The default factory setting is A=440 Hz (displayed as A=440). Rotating Knob 1 selects alternate dropped tunings and tuning references. Alternate tunings are A = A , A = G, A = G , and tuning references A=427 - A=453. The display window briefly flashes the current tuning reference.

Tone Library (Knob 1)

In Pedalboard and Preset modes, this knob selects a variety of genre-based amp tone defaults ranging from Blues to Metal to Country. Behind the scenes, the Compressor, Distortion, Amp/ Cabinet types, EQ, and Noise Gate are configured to create a specified tone with a single click of this knob. You can further refine the sound by editing the preset. Changing between different Tone Library defaults does not change the Chorus/FX, Delay or Reverb, letting you experiment with different amp styles quickly in the context of the current effect chain. When in Amp/Cabinet Bypass Mode, the amplifiers are defeated leaving distortion and overdrive stompboxes as the only means of distortion.

Effects Library (Knob 2)

In Pedalboard and Preset modes, this knob selects a variety of post-amplifier effect chains (Cho- rus, Chorus + Delay, Delay + Reverb, etc.).You can further refine the sound by editing the preset. Changing between different Effects Library defaults does not change the Compressor, Distortion, Amp/Cabinet types, EQ, and Noise Gate settings, letting you experiment with different effect chains quickly in the context of the current amp tone.

Effects Level (Knob 3)

In Pedalboard and Preset modes, this knob changes the relative level of the post-amp effects (Chorus/FX, Delay, and Reverb). This can be thought of as an effects mix control, where turn- ing this knob clockwise increases the level of these effects and turning it counter-clockwise decreases the level of these effects.

Amp Gain/Effect Parameter (Knob 4)

This knob adjusts the Gain (distortion) for the selected Amp (not available for Acoustic) and is also used to adjust parameters of other effects in the matrix.The amplifier and cabinets cannot be adjusted when the Amp/Cabinet Bypass button is enabled.

mp Level/Effect Parameter (Knob 5)

This knob adjusts the Level (volume) of the selected amp and is used to adjust other effect parameters in the matrix. Amp Level cannot be adjusted when the Amp/Cabinet Bypass button is enabled.

Master Level (Knob 6)

his knob controls the overall output volume of all of the RP500’s presets and is used to adjust other effect parameters in the matrix.

X-EditTM Editor/Librarian

You can edit your RP500 with your computer, using the X-EditTM Editor/Librarian, found on the included DVD.


Presets are named and numbered locations of programmed sounds which reside in the RP500. Presets are recalled with the Footswitches. The active effects in each preset are indicated by lighted LEDs in the Effect Matrix. The RP500 comes with 100 User presets (1-00) and 100 Fac- tory presets (F1-F00). The User presets are locations where your creations may be stored. The Factory presets do not allow you to store any changes to them. From the factory, the 100 User presets are exact duplicates of the 100 Factory presets. This allows you to create your own presets without losing the sounds that came with the RP500.


  • 20-Second Looper-Full time, play, loop, change tones then overdub!
  • Effect switching system offers control over internal stompboxes and effects
  • Exclusive Pedalboard mode changes the RP500 into 5 individual stompboxes and effects
  • Amp/Cabinet Bypass defeats internal amp and cabinet effects in all presets
  • 40 Tone and 40 Effects Libraries
  • 200 presets (100 factory, 100 user
  • Over 125 effects including stompboxes, choruses, delays, amps and cabinets
  • Up to 5 seconds of delay time
  • 24-bit 44.1kHz sample rate
  • Heavy-duty metal switches for stompbox response
  • Bright LEDs display program status and effect on / off
  • Large 10 character LED display for preset name, bank name and tuner
  • Built-in chromatic Tuner
  • Independent XLR Left and Right Outputs with ground lift
  • Independent 1/4" Left and Right Outputs
  • Amp / Mixer switch to engage speaker cabinet
  • Stereo 1/8" headphone output
  • Stereo 1/8" CD/MP3 Input
  • Built-in expression pedal controls the RP500’s internal wahs, volume, Whammy™ and other parameters
  • All metal construction
  • Cubase LE4 Music Production Software included
  • X-Edit Librarian Software included
  • 2 x 2 USB audio streaming
  • Power supply included
Brand DigiTech
Weight 9.5000
Dimensions (WxHxD) 19.5" 2.25" x 8.75"


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DigiTech RP-500 Multi-Effects- Non Factory Sealed


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