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DN-MC6000 - Top

Denon DN-MC6000 - Open Box

Computer Independent 4-Channel, 8 Source Premium Digital Mixer

Instead of$449.00
DN-MC6000 - Top

Denon DN-MC6000

Computer Independent 4-Channel, 8 Source Premium Digital Mixer

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Product Description for the Denon DN-MC6000

DN-MC6000 Mixer and MIDI Controller, a four-channel/eight-source standalone digital DJ mixer with MIDI interface and internal sound card. With an astounding amount of features, real-time channel matrix operation, slim tabletop design, state-of-the-art solid steel chassis construction and quality sound, the DN-MC6000 is one of Denon DJ’s flagship controllers. Also acting as an audio interface (with a 2 in/2out stereo soundcard included), the DN-MC6000, when paired with the user’s software of choice, is a turnkey control solution for mobile DJs and party DJs, and a clear centerpiece to any DJ rig.

It comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE, Audio/Video/Karaoke mixing software in North/South America and Canada, and Native Instruments® TRAKTOR™ LE for Europe and Asia. The DN-MC6000 is MIDI-mapable and compatible with other popular DJ programs. The unit interfaces seamlessly with Mac® OSX and Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Unlike other comparable products, the DN-MC6000 includes a selectable Video/Audio control cross fader feature. Each side of the unit can control up to two decks (for a total of four), with visible deck color change for intuitive, straightforward operation. Also notable is the fact that the DN-MC6000 is a real mixer, able to process audio inputs for external devices without a connection to a computer, as a dedicated mixer unit would.

Key features include rack-mountability (with included 19" rackmount accessory kit), a number of on-board MIDI effect controls, durable construction, intuitive layout, dual jog wheels, pitch fader, channel fader, cross fader and much more. The unit’s Pitch/Fader/Volume lock function holds the last known Audio value and position until the NULL point is again reached. It is also easy for users to find where they are going, with the included File browse navigation keys and rotary encoder file selector knob with illuminated ring. Also featured are the unit’s high-quality, high-output headphone amp, the independent 3-band Channel EQ with “Kills” (high-mid-low) and various Utility presets to customize user settings.


  • Slim Tabletop design for various DJ applications and portability
  • Includes 19" rackmount accessory kit for Mobile DJs
  • Optimized for *Traktor and *Virtual DJ users
  • Intuitive 4 deck software control, with visible deck color change
  • Real-time Matrix Operation, Analog Sources, USB MIDI & USB Audio
  • Included USB Audio Interface (Soundcard) 2in/2out (stereo)
  • MAC OSX Windows XP/Vista/Win7 Compatible
  • New, 3-way Powerful Audio/Video Assignable cross-fader
  • Newly designed, high resolution 105mm Touch-Sensitive Jog Wheel
  • Smooth 100mm long Pitch Slider with high 14-bit resolution
  • Pitch/Fader/Volume Lock function - holds the last known Audio value and position until the NULL point is reached again
  • File browse navigation keys & rotary encoder file selector knob w/illuminated ring
  • 8 (4 + 4) Hot Cue/Sampler buttons w/dual bank selector key
  • Auto Loop Button w/ Beat Jump (Loop Cut)
  • Manual Loop In/Out buttons
  • Large size Cue & PLAY buttons
  • Various EFX control, EFX keys & Parameter knobs
  • Various GUI control, Mixer, Video, Scratch, Sampler, REC
  • Powerful Shift Key - used for various dual button operation
  • Search Keys (<< >>) to advance around within the file
  • Denon's legacy "Pitch Bend" keys
  • Vinyl & Pitch Bend Jog modes
  • SYNC key for beat matching between decks
  • Key Lock on/off button with LED confirmation
  • Matrix Input Assignment Selector Knob
  • Selectable PFL input gain & program meters
  • Independent CUE System (all channels)
  • Split Cue function with Cue/Master pan knob
  • High quality, high output Headphone Amp
  • 45mm Channel & Cross Faders
  • Independent Channel A-B Thru Switch (crossfader)
  • Cross Fader contour adjustment
  • Independent 3-Band Channel EQ w/Kills (High-Mid-Low)
  • XLR Balanced & RCA Unbalanced Master Output
  • Master Output Stereo/Mono switch
  • Booth Output w/Source Selector & level control
  • XLR & 1/4 TRS Mic Inputs
  • Mic 3-Band EQ (High-Mid-Low) for Mic 1 & 2
  • Mic Ducking & Built in Echo Effect for Mic 1 & 2
  • Various Utility presets to customize user settings
  • MIDI Mappable control surface (Faders, knobs and buttons) for other DJ applications
  • Firmware upgradable over USB
  • Solid Steel chassis construction
  • Kensington lock terminal to prevent theft
  • ECO standby mode (green, energy saving)
  • AC adaptor powered

*Traktor LE included for Europe and Asia Pacific

*Virtual DJ LE included for America's & Canada

Size 18.1"(w) x 2.0"(h) 10.0"(d) without rack ears

Brand Denon
Weight 16.0000
Dimensions (WxHxD) No
Denon DN-MC6000Denon DN-MC6000

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Denon DN-MC6000: La navaja suiza de los Djs

by Meketrefe on Aug 2, 2011

Mis colegas de ProAudioStar me prestaron por unos días,el famoso y apreciado controlador de DJ Denon DN-MC6000 y me encantó. Es compacto, rígido, practico, preciso y cuenta con un arsenal para ser disparado en cada fiesta. Me impresionó lo fácil que fue ponerlo en marcha, solamente abrí la caja, tome el controlador, le conecté un cable de corriente, un cable USB directo a mi PC, instale el Virtual DJ (que viene incluido). En no más de 5 minutos ya estaba mezclando dos canciones y se armó el party. ¿Recuerdan esas navajas suizas todo en uno? Pues el DN-MC6000 es la navaja...

Denon DN-MC6000 video with DJ Anubus

by ghostdad on Mar 29, 2011

When saw DJ Anububus's amazing DMC Online routine we sent him a message right away to see if he lived remotely close to us in NY and was interested being in a feature video.  Lucky for us both things were true and we met up with Anubus in Brooklyn to hand off a Denon DN-MC6000.  He spent a few days with it and came up with the routine you see above. Anubus had never used a dedicated DJ controller before but was used to his M-Audio Trigger Finger for cue points and effects, so diving into the controls on the...

Denon DN-MC6000 First Look

by ghostdad on Dec 28, 2010

We were psyched to finally have the last of the big four channel controllers we've been anticipating come into the warehouse the other day and shot this overview on the unit right away.  Check the video above for a detailed look at the layout and ins and outs of Denon's new DN-MC6000 controller.   We also have the Odyssey case for this unit in stock! I mentioned the .TSI file for this unit was on it's way and recently got the skinny on where to find the official one from Denon.  You can customize your midi map in Traktor Pro...

4 Deck Controllers on the Rise at DJ Expo

by ghostdad on Aug 17, 2010

It's DJ Expo week in Atlantic City, NJ so it's no wonder new DJ products are cropping up around the internet. I posted links to the Kontrol S4 yesterday and today the Denon DN-MC6000 hit the nets. No flashy video for this one yet but check out the official press release and full write ups at both Scratchworx and Create Digital Music. See also Scratchworx coverage of the stand alone DC-SC2000 controller and check back to their blog for detailed updates on DJ Expo as I'm sure they're knee deep.  We'll follow the top headlines and repost them here as well. So it...

Denon DN-MC6000 | DJ Anubus Routine w/ Turntable |

BTS of DJ Anubus Denon DN-MC6000 Routine

Denon DN-MC6000 First Look |

Denon DN-MC6000 Traktor 2 Controller

Customer Reviews

10 Item(s)

per page
Top of the Line!!
Review by DJ NIC3
i have owned the controller for over a year, and im loving it. great beginner setup. really easy to learn on. very convenient because it maps to tp2 as well as vdj. haven't had any problems with it. good thing about it is that it could be used as a mixer on its own, so u can connect turntables or cdjs. definitely recommend this midi controller, very sturdy and durable. (Posted on 10/20/12)
Good and Bad
Review by Albal
I like all Denon product to begin with.. Yhis is not like other products in the market.. Rock solid steel cased nice buttons and knobs.. All good..
When it comes to doftware it's a bitch.. Thee are problems how to and what to install .. It gets confusing and spent more than 8 hours to fix all.. They need to work on that software side but the controller unit..
If you don't mind dealing with it ; it is a hood mixer and a controller..
I would recommend 50/50 (Posted on 10/20/12)
Review by DJ CiN
My first DJ Controller after two years! DEFINITELY one I will keep til it dies! It has every function you could ever need and it so flexible with other sound boards and equipment! A MUST for beginners and pros!!! (Posted on 8/24/11)
Amazing piece of gear!
Review by suhaib12
Amazing piece of gear! I use it with Traktor Pro as well as with Karaoke software it is so much better than my older mixer it just do everything you want and also proaudio star nice website nice deals:) (Posted on 4/27/11)
Heavy Hitter
Review by GuyFromAroundthecOner
I had this for a few months it still Rock\'s out the box.. Just download the right drivers and all systems go.There is a lot of things to play with on this controller and a whole lot of things you can do with this controller....I wanted the pioneer T1 but i had to follow my heart. and Got this outstanding dj controller..soon to be one of the best controller in the business. (Posted on 4/18/11)
Swiss Army Knife of Midi Controllers
Review by Maximus Moretta
If you Mix with any professional grade DJ software i.e. Virtual DJ, Serato Scratch Live or Traktor etc. and yes I can probably hear the mumbling now...but I would say outside the tri-state area people actually use other program other than Serato. but back to the topic at hand.

The DN-MC6000 is an awesome Midi Controller/ Mixer solution for any Mobile or Club DJ. To say this is just for the mobile DJ is simply just short selling the hardware. For a Midi Controller/ Mixer that is nativity supported by both Traktor and Virtual DJ and mappable to other DJ software Serato Scratch Live etc, it give the DJ a limitless possibility to expand your DJ rig for example on Virtual DJ you have the ability of running four external players of your choice; CDJs/ 3700s/ turntables etc. and two internal decks if mapped correctly. having a total of 6 controllable decks.

Lets not forget about all the buttons/ faders/ and knobs that can be reprogram do whatever you can image!

As far as build Quality goes it made by DENON need I as more! a 100 years in the making, for anyone that has own DENON equipment before know that DENON equipment is build rock solid. It has solid knobs, levers, dials, very responsive jog wheels (and with the latest firmware update it give you a tighter Time code than Serato Scratch Live, So if you\\\'re looking to buy yourself a new mixer and or a Midi Controller the DN-MC6000 is for you! at 2/3 the price/ and a ton more bells and whistles than a standard Club Mixer. (Posted on 4/17/11)
Another quality Denon product
Review by jazzy
Had this mixer for a couple weeks now and it is a great product. I had the Hercules RMX before which was a good entry level mixer, but this one just blows anything like that out of the water. The responsiveness is great and the layout is perfect. Took me a little bit to get it mapped correctly but after I downloaded the new mapper off the internet everything worked just fine. The only thing I didn\'t like is that there weren\'t any kill buttons on the eq, yea you can just turn them all the way down but I personally like kill buttons. It is also very compact which some will like and others won\'t. Very small complaints, overall I wouldn\'t hesitate to get this controller over any others on the market today. (Posted on 3/24/11)
Love it!
Review by rpungin
Amazing piece of gear! I love it\'s portability, durability and a huge feature set. I use it with Traktor Pro as well as with Karaoke software which outputs the music to standard audio output of my laptop which I can connect to an aux channel of MC6000 and I can run both the music from Traktor and Karaoke software at the same time thanks to MC6000 built-in mixer. The dual microphone inputs with echo are awesome for Karaoke as well. I have tried the S4, but returned it and got MC6000 and I am way more happy with it! It is a dream controller for a mobile DJ! (Posted on 2/20/11)
Innovation at its best!
Review by djrhouse
When you open the box and take this controller out you can instantly feel the quality that went into building this product with the weight and feel of the buttons on the surface. Its not too heavy, it just feels rock solid. This midi controller has surpassed my expectations. I am just overwhelmed at the responsiveness of the controller with Virtual DJ Pro. Denon has hit a home run and the support forum is the best, mainly Silvio! Thanks ProAudioStar for outstanding customer service.. (Posted on 12/24/10)
I want this item
Review by Andre78
this item will knock the competition out the box (Posted on 12/20/10)

10 Item(s)

per page

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