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Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro

Studio headphones, 250 Ω, semi-open, single sided coiled cable with stereo mini-jack / 1/4" adapter

DT-880 PRO - Side

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Product Description for the Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro

The Beyer DT 880 combines the advantages of open headphones with those of closed studio headphones. The improved systems of the legendary Beyerdynamic DT 880 provide a high quality studio headphone with excellent analytical properties, especially for classical music. The balanced reduction of environmental noise guarantees a perfect spherical sound, while the complete sound spectrum is reproduced in great detail from the lowest sub bass up to the highest frequencies. The higher frequencies are crystal-clear without being unpleasant and impress with a very smooth sound. The precise balanced mid frequencies are analytical and supportive, without being predominate. The bass is voluminous without being too obtrusive on the DT880 professional, while the newly designed headband fits for all head sizes and grants better wearing comfort, especially during long studio sessions.


  • Semi-open, diffuse-field studio headphone
  • Analytical sound
  • Comfortable fit due to rugged, adjustable, soft padded headband construction
  • Robust, easy serviceable construction as all parts are replaceable
  • Single-sided cable
  • Velour, circumaural ear pads
  • Supplied in a carrying case (nylon)


  • Transducer type: dynamic
  • Operating principle: semi-open
  • Frequency response: 5-35,000 Hz
  • Nominal impedance: 250 Ω/system
  • Nominal sound pressure level at 1 kHz: 96 dB
  • Sound coupling to the ear: circumaural
  • Headband pressure: approx. 3.5 N
  • Weight without cable: 295g
  • Length and kind of cable: 3 m coiled cable
  • Connection: gold-plated mini stereo jack 3.5 mm & 6.35 mm adapter (1/4“)
Brand Beyerdynamic
Weight 0.6500
Dimensions (WxHxD) NA

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Reference Headphones
Review by Alexander
These may not be perfect as in 100% accurate, but they are perfect in the sense that they have every quality I look for in reference headphones: even frequency response, long wear comfort, and high build quality.

The ear cushions feel fantastic and the overall grip of the headphones across my head feels good, even after hours of listening. I use these cans as reference headphones for recording projects as well as bass guitar practice with my T.C. Electronic RH450 head. They are semi-open, meaning the bass response may not be the same as what you would hear from a pair of closed Sennheisser HD280 Pros, but you also do not have the extra "colour" the Sennheisers add (or their notorious vice grip).

The included carrying case is a nice bonus, though the cut-out foam is not quite big enough for where the cord attaches to the can.

I tested these out and I highly recommend anyone interested in buying this Beyerdynamic pair to do the same. I also recommend going through a good "burn-in" before you start using them for any real projects--this will help them keep a good, flat response and may help protect them from breaking early on.

Final word: definitely recommended for anyone looking at professional quality, reference headphones. Note: semi-open mean some sound will bleed out, so they are not the best choice in recording situations; but these cans are great in any other part of the studio.
--ap (Posted on 3/19/12)
Top of the Line Cans
Review by Dan
I\'ll start out by saying that these cans are some of the best you can find, price ranges aside. As studio headphones go they\'re fairly neutral, though I wouldn\'t call them entirely flat - they still have a bit of character to support casual listening. They are easy to drive, but you\'ll still need to pick up an amp to even out their response. \"Unamped\" you get characteristic anemic bass and shrill highs, though volume levels are surprisingly high - I suppose they\'re pretty efficient. I put together a little Cmoy amp with an Burr-Brown OPA2227 chip specifically for these headphones and it dones exactly what the name implies. Not to say they couldn\'t benefit from an eq\'d amp running them, but for my purposes I only need a line boost. I\'d like to note that with a small pocket amp, these headphones work perfectly with an ipod, though the setup itself is rather cumbersome. The 880s are not meant for road trips.

When compared to a pair of Ultimate Ears Triple fi\'s (my only other pair of quality headphones, I understand that the designs are literally opposite ends of the spectrum) the Beyers do very little to color the sound. There\'s more high end and less bass from the Beyers, though I attribute this to the design and application differences between the two. There\'s also the fact that the UE\'s are 32 ohm unamped and the Beyers 250 ohm amped. When compared to the 770 and 990 models, the 880s are certainly the neutral ones of the bunch - the other two are heavier on the end frequencies (bass, highs). Since I prefer neutral approaches that let the recordings shine without any distortion of the original mix, I found that the 880s were the most suited to my ear.

All in all, the 880\'s sound is fantastic: great response, tight low-end, highs are not shrill at all. These are the sort of headphones that reveal low quality music, you\'ll definitely hear when audio files have been compressed a lot. The mids are very detailed, with good separation between instruments - there\'s a certain fullness to all the ranges of this headphone. Excellent texture and blend between sections. I was impressed by the high-end rendering, delicate yet deliberate. Depending on the recording setup the headphones can reproduce the plucks and scrapes of strings and the timbres of brass very well. Voices, reeds, low-pitched instruments, everything is reproduced as per the recording, meaning the phones are very transparent. They let the instruments\' characters shine through. The soundstage is on the closer side, I\'d like it to be a bit wider, but it isn\'t inside your head. I prefer the sound of the 880s for both critical and casual listening, they do very little to fatigue the ears or the head and still reveal as much of the recording as they can. Also, \"semi-open\" is a massive lie. The 880s might as well be listed as full-open as the metal grille lets nearly everything in and a good amount out. Not something for very loud or very quiet spaces but I can\'t fault Beyer as the 880s were not designed with these aspects in mind.

I could go on describing all the sonic aspects of the headphones but what I say is subjective. I highly encourage anyone looking for a professional set of headphones such as the 880s to try them out in person; your preferences are likely very different from those of whomever is writing these reviews. You may find a better match in Sennheiser\'s HD600/650, AKG\'s K701 or Denon\'s AHD2000. Try \'em all out, even the massively expensive ones, and pick the one that works for you. Be assured you that you can\'t go wrong with any of these models.

Moving on: being the studio model, the 880s apply more force on the head - this can get tiresome, but it\'s not really an issue. They are engineered specifically to do this; if you\'re looking for less clamp force I\'d recommend the non-studio \"premium\" version, identical in all aspects save the detailing, the coiled cable and the clamp force. I hear the premium version can fall off during vigorous head bobbing, though. The studio 880s (\"pro\") will not do this. I\'ve tried.

All in all, Beyer nailed exactly what they set out to do, which is design a pair of high-quality studio headphones. My small qualms regard usage outside of the studio, and the fact that the 880s still excel there should indicate their versatility. I strongly recommend the studio 880s as both a bang-for-your-buck purchase and a fantastic all-around pair of headphones.

p.s. If you\'re so inclined you can find the schematics and many detailed walkthroughs on how to assemble a Cmoy online. I like Tangentsoft\'s site, which I\'ve included below. Everything including extra modifications to the Cmoy circuit is explained in full detail. Check out the higher-level amp designs as well. (Posted on 4/21/11)

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Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro


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