Arturia Spark Crazy Light Show Performance

by WordPress on July 13, 2011

We recently took the new Arturia Spark Creative Drum Machine for spin by putting it through its paces for a live performance. The Spark is a hybrid hardware/software system that makes programming drums intuitive and fun. The Spark software allows for granular control of all aspects of your drum beat, allowing you to effect each tone using physical parameters, and in addition u can control the sounds like a virtual synth. You can also create patterns and sequence them for playback and performance. We thought we’d show off what you could do using only the Spark, however the Spark can be used as part of a large live set-up. Take a look! Below is a performance video and also an in depth walkthrough of the Spark’s main features. Be sure to take advantage of our deals on the Spark, get it with a free pair of headphones, or iTunes Gift Card,or a serious discount on some studio monitors.

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  1. Cool video! Spark is a really nice unit fast and easy to learn. I just wish there were a 16 level feature.

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