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ART PDB Passive Direct Box

Passive Direct Box – balanced – line / speaker level inputs

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Product Description for the ART PDB Passive Direct Box

The PDB™ Passive Direct Box is a rock solid, roadworthy DI for connection of the outputs of electronic musical instruments (or other audio sources) to the balanced inputs of mixer consoles and other balanced inputs. The PDB™ also allows connection of a music source to an instrument amplifier while simultaneously patching it to a mixer.


  1. Electric guitar and bass pick up output signals - The high impedance signal from a guitar or bass guitar pickup is translated by the PDB™ into a low impedance balanced signal required by mixing consoles.
  2. Keyboards and line level signals - The PDB™ automatically balances and matches the line level outputs of modern electronic keyboards. If you are using a multiple keyboard setup and your keyboards are all plugged into a single instrument amplifier, the PDB™ can be used to replace individual direct boxes. Simply send the output of the instrument amplifier to the PDB™ and then to the console (instead of a separate DI box for each keyboard).
  3. DJ console output signals - DJ mixers often supply only an unbalanced –10dB signal. The PDB™ converts this signal to a balanced line level signal before it reaches the console, while providing a convenient method of connector transition with the capability to run long cables.
  4. Speaker level signals - The PDB’s ability to accept speaker level inputs from a power amplifier’s output allows post-amplifier, post eq and effects signals to be fed directly to the console. In this manner, a particular effect or amplifier sound can be sent directly to the mix.


  • Ground Lift : Switchable
  • Input Attenuation : Switchable (0dB, -20dB, -40dB)
  • Instrument Input : 50k Ohm
  • Output Jack : 600 Ohm XLR Output Jack
  • Parallel Link Jack : 50k Ohm
  • Frequency response : 10Hz - 50KHz +/- 0.5dB @ +4dBu
Brand ART
Weight 1.1000
Dimensions (WxHxD) 3" x 5" x 2"


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ART PDB Passive Direct Box


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